Growing from strength to strength since 2002, Excellence Safety Consulting Limited has built an enviable track record for being one of Hong Kong’s most trusted occupational safety and health experts in regulatory compliance matters, specific program development and review, physical compliance inspections, employee safety training, and other services.

Dr. Jacky Leung, Managing Director of Excellence Safety Consulting Limited.

The company has helped countless leading corporations meet compliance requirements for programs such as Occupational Safety & Health Ordinance & Regulations, ISO45001, Factories & Industrial Undertakings Ordinance & Regulations, and more over the last 21 years.

“We help clients achieve their compliance requirements in the shortest possible time and the most cost-effective manner though our one-stop services, which can meet all types of occupational safety and health needs,” says Dr. Jacky Leung, Managing Director of the company.

Excellence Safety Consulting Limited’s key services include:

  • Provision of Independent Safety Audit and Safety Review;
  • Provision of Comprehensive and Independent Safety Inspection;
  • Provision of Various Tailor-made Safety Training;
  • Set Up Occupational Safety and Health Management System;
  • Provision of Accredited Safety Auditor (ASA) / Registered Safety Auditor (RSA) / Registered Safety Officer (RSO);
  • Conducting of Various Risk Assessment;
  • Serving of Smart Site Safety System Services; and
  • Other Professional Occupational Safety & Health Consultancy Services.

Smart Systems for Saving Lives

Construction safety is a major concern in Hong Kong. According to the accident statistics from the Labour Department the city recorded 2,532 industrial accidents and 18 deaths at construction sites in 2020. Then in 2021 the numbers rose to 3,109 industrial accidents and 23 deaths. In the first three quarters of 2022 alone, the figures reached a high of 5,738 industrial accidents, of which 2,299 were in construction. 14 of the 16 deaths occurred at construction sites.

“After reviewing the occupational health & safety data from various industries in recent years, we introduced the Smart Site Safety System for clients to uplift their safety performance through early identification of potentially dangers and take immediate follow-up mitigation actions,” says Dr. Leung. “In addition, by analyzing the data collected by this system, the crux of the safety problems could be revealed for formulating enhancement measures,” he continues.

Excellence Safety Consulting Limited remains steadfast in its mission to save lives by answering Hong Kong’s urgent call to re-asses the safety standards of buildings, construction sites, and more. “Our staff, who have extensive work experience on developing, auditing and inspection for different kinds of companies, provide a balanced perspective of both the implementation, monitoring and improving of safety and health issues,” concludes Dr. Leung.

The Mediazone Group congratulates Excellence Safety Consulting Limited for winning the Asia’s Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong 2023 Award. We wish the company more success in its endeavour.

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