Shared power bank experts E-PowerSpot Hong Kong Limited grows from strength to strength in bringing the most convenient charging solutions to the public, while creating a win-win sharing economy platform that brings merchants and their customers closer.

Douglas Wai, Director of Business Development & Marketing for E-PowerSpot Hong Kong Limited.

Founded in 2021, the company has today grown into a reputable service provider of display and power bank rental network for 5G mobile & tablet devices with their in-store kiosk spots growing from 100 in 2022 to over 500 spots at the beginning of 2023, and their app’s users growing to nearly 100,000 as of February 2023.

“From day one we have focused on bringing merchants closer to their customers, so we devised a convenient and innovative platform that can connect them both physically (at their stores) and in the digital world (through their phones or tablets)”, says Douglas Wai, Director of Business Development & Marketing for E-PowerSpot Hong Kong Limited.

“Today our power bank rental & display kiosks are used by property managers, hospitals, public transport, restaurants & bars, education centres, hotels and more. This wide and strong network gives the public a convenient way to power their devices while merchants get a smart marketing platform to offer their promotions to users,” he continues.

According to Douglas, the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on the economy has totally changed the mindset of consumers. “The public’s preference of using a shared economy platform has been fast-tracked by the pandemic. People today see more value, savings, flexibility, and efficiency in using shared platforms, and this trend has also reduced environmental impact so it’s a win-win-win for merchants, the public and the environment,” says Douglas.

“Through our E-PowerSpot app anyone can easily search a power bank kiosk’s location, rent a power bank on-the-go, and return it at any kiosk spot. The app’s optimized performance gives users an experience that is so seamless, people don’t need to wait to get what they need. On the other hand, merchants get excellent support and benefits as they can display real-time and location-based advertisement content, all of which is manageable and customizable with just a few taps on both our web-based platform & app dedicated for merchants. This plus the full support they can get from E-PowerSpot (including operation & maintenance, customer service, marketing, etc), maximizes their ROI while giving them the power to take shopping experiences to new heights,” he concludes.

The Mediazone Group congratulates E-PowerSpot Hong Kong Limited for winning the Asia’s Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong 2023 Award. We wish the company more success in its endeavour.

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