Established in 2017 BBMSL Limited has grown from strength to strength in being a payment solutions services leader in Hong Kong today. The company has helped over 10,000 local and international businesses to solve offline & online payment issues and provide one-stop merchant services, including POS integration, sales and settlement, etc.

Gerald Yu, CEO of BBMSL.

“From day one we have focused on providing secure, efficient, cost-effective and reliable payment solutions that companies can leverage. Today, our payment services are PCI DSS compliant – the highest standard in the payment industry where it comes to protecting merchants’ and customers’ privacy,” says Gerald Yu, CEO of BBMSL.

According to Gerald the business landscape of the global payment solutions industry changed dramatically over the last 3 years as the Covid-19 pandemic and Consumption Voucher Scheme (CVS) forced all businesses to develop the digital side of their operations.

BBMSL has a strategic market position because the company is a well-known payment facilitator for Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay in Hong Kong. They are also an acquirer and integrator for Alipay, WeChat Pay, PayMe, FPS, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, BoC Pay and Octopus cards, thus making them a preferred partner of many businesses. By becoming a payment facilitator, BBMSL has disrupted the payment industry, allowing merchants to take various kinds of payment without relying on traditional banks.

“There is a growing demand for smart payment solutions across all industries today as businesses have gotten used to operating digitally, especially in the SME sector. We successfully gained a foothold in the this market, which previously was not targeted by banks. We pride ourselves on reacting promptly, improving, and servicing merchants’ needs. In 2022 alone we processed over 7 billion Hong Kong dollars worth of transactions,” says Gerald.

“We have a diverse merchant base with brands ranging from Emperor Cinema to Decathlon, OT&P Healthcare, and other such reputable companies as our clients come from major retail chains, prestigious restaurants/F&B outlets, renowned hotels, entertainment, events and exhibitions, transportation, parking, and SMEs,” he continues

“Merchants find our solutions attractive as they get a hassle-free and seamless experience through our BBHub Merchant Eco-system. This platform is tailored to meet the unique needs of SMEs in Hong Kong. It provides a one-stop shop for merchant services beyond payment, including retail / F&B POS systems, business broadband services, Octopus service, and more. Our team also offers tailored support and advice to help businesses cost-effectively achieve success”, he concludes.

BBMSL is rapidly expanding into Taiwan, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia markets today and will be aggressively exploring opportunities in the Southeast Asian market in future.

The Mediazone Group congratulates BBMSL Limited for winning the Asia’s Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong 2023 Award. We wish the company more success in its endeavour and expansion.

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