With over 20 years of pension administration experience in Hong Kong in both Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) Schemes and Occupational Retirement (ORSO) Schemes, BestServe Financial Limited (“BestServe’) has built an enviable track record which cemented its position today as a market leader in the pension third party administration industry.

Hermila Lam, Head of BestServe Wealth and Pensions BestServe Financial Limited

“Serving the competitive pensions market in Hong Kong needs a strategic mix of customer-sensitivity, market know-how, investment trends and tech-savvy innovations,” says Hermila Lam, Head of Wealth and Pensions for BestServe Financial Limited.

“We are among the few companies capable of operating on a multi-fund manager platform with more than 150 investment funds from 20 investment management houses for our third-party pension administration clients,” she continues.

BestServe is dedicated to providing pension administration services to employers and individual clients through different channels catering to different needs – from face-to-face service centres and professional hotline service, to self-serviced website portals and mobile apps. The company regularly conducts customer satisfaction surveys to listen to customer feedback and make continuous enhancements to the service.

“Our customer-oriented strategy has enabled us to keep the human touch with clients via zoom meetings even during the pandemic. In fact, even before the pandemic happened we have been at the forefront of serving customers online as BestServe launched an e-portal called MyMPFChoice.com since Nov 2011. This platform revolutionized our industry as it was the pension market’s very first information website which allowed users to view and compare the historical performance of all MPF constituent funds in Hong Kong,” says Hermila.

“At BestServe, we know our clients are at the centre of all we do and our mission is to serve qualitatively. This philosophy is central to our operating model and our business success,” she concludes.

The Mediazone Group congratulates BestServe Financial Limited for winning the Asia’s Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong 2023 Award. We wish the company more success in its endeavour.

For more information, please visit www.bestserve.com