Leaders of innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Human Resources, Healthcare and many more spoke at Mediazone’s Asia’s Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong 2023 Forum & Awards to display their creativity, proactiveness and smart solutions.

Mr. Glenn Rogers, Editor in Chief of the Mediazone Group.

The region’s key innovators pledged to fight on, innovative to create a better world, and outlive Hong Kong’s setbacks – proving once again that the spirit behind Hong Kong’s enterprising best is more than alive and well.

Hosted for the past 23 years by the Mediazone Group’s flagship business publication, the forum and Awards event have become a well-established platform for industry leaders to unveil life-changing innovations and speak about market trends and current affairs that make Hong Kong a global marker for local and international enterprises alike.

“The future of business in Hong Kong depends on the innovation, determination and will-do attitude of its business leaders”, says Glenn Rogers, Editor in Chief of the Mediazone Group who addressed the winners from the company’s HQ in Australia.

Praising Hong Kong’s Spirit of Enterprise, Jerone Chin, General Manager of the Group in Hong Kong said in his opening remarks: “You are all soldiers of progress and the pillars of Hong Kong’s economy. We congratulate you for your customer centricity, innovation and passion to build a better future for our beloved city.”

The Mediazone Group congratulates all our speakers and winners. We wish you more success in your future endeavours.