Widely recognized as one of Hong Kong’s fastest-growing recruitment agencies, Jobio Limited has built an enviable market reputation for delivering excellent recruitment services with tangible results to companies over a broad range of industries.

Bella Lo, Recruitment Manager of Jobio.

“We don’t simply find jobs, we build careers. Our customers choose Jobio as their top recruitment partner because we offer personalized recruitment solutions which yield much better results than traditional recruitment services,” says Bella Lo, Recruitment Manager of Jobio.

“Many companies today focus solely on meeting their KPIs so they end up rushing from one placement to the next which fails in getting their desired results. This is where our personalized approach makes a difference. Our unique recruitment methods and systems are human-centric, putting the needs of our clients and candidates first. In addition to recruiting, we also offer free outsourced HR Business Partners (HRBPs) service and dedicate plenty of time to providing regular after-sales support, professional market insights, and strategic HR solutions that address daily HR challenges. This end-to-end solution creates a win-win-win situation for our clients, candidates and us,” she continues.

Innovating with AI & Value-Added Services

According to Bella, disruptive technologies are also playing an important role in recruitment today. “We use an exclusive AI recruiting tool to automate our recruitment system. Our automatic screening mode can screen a potential candidate in just three minutes. This cutting-edge technology significantly improves our ability to provide more candidates for clients to choose from in the shortest possible time. It also ensures faster and more accurate services, making the overall recruitment process more seamless and efficient,” says Bella.

Jobio specializes in serving a wide range of sectors, including Luxury & Retail, Sales and Marketing, HR and Admin, Information Technology, and Account and Financial Services. “Our consultants have industry-specific expertise, gained from working with renowned brands in their respective sectors. This allows us to provide exceptional market insights to both clients and candidates, ensuring that we are always up-to-date with industry trends and changes,” she continues.

“Our added value services focus on helping clients create a strong employer brand that sets them apart from competitors and attracts the interest of job seekers. We assist clients in finding the right candidate from the pre-recruitment stage while also ensuring a seamless onboarding process for new employees. As a part of our comprehensive approach, we provide a complete experience to both employers and employees through a global behavioural assessment supported by our certified partner. This assessment serves as a foundation for aligning skills development and managing expectations which benefit both employers and employees alike, and fosters a harmonious and productive work environment from the beginning of the hire,” she concludes.

The Mediazone Group congratulates Jobio Limited for winning the Asia’s Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong 2023 Award. We wish the company more success in its endeavour.

For more information visit www.jobio-hk.com