Founded in 2020, Infinity Coach has grown to be a leader in bringing the mass public closer to sporting coaches from various sports disciplines across Hong Kong through its pioneering sports coach matching platform.

Mr. To Cheuk Fung, Founder of Infinity Coach.

“Our AI-based platform is the first sports coach matching platform in Hong Kong. Since we started, many coaches from various types of sports disciplines have been using us to develop their careers and increase their popularity,” says Mr. To Cheuk Fung, Founder of Infinity Coach.

“I was born and raised on a small island and have been exposed to many sports since I was a child. However, due to the lack of resources on the island and the long travel time, it is difficult to find suitable coaches for further practice. I realized that many people faced the same difficulties, so we created a smart platform that can fill that gap,” he continues.

According to Mr. To, one of Infinity Coach’s main missions is to promote the popularity of Hong Kong sports and improve the overall sports talent of the city, so the platform has a strict coach-screening process. “We have strict standards to ensure that students get the best training. Coaches who use our platform are required to have certain qualifications and years of teaching experience. They are also requested to provide certifications, affiliations with sporting associations, ID and other relevant documents for our rigorous screening process,” says Mr. To.

“Our matching feature is very detailed as when students are matched with coaches, they have the option to tailor-make training plans based on factors such as tuition fees, location, time, etc. In the near future, Infinity Coach will collaborate with sports clubs and organizations to organize a wide range of sporting activities and courses as we continue to create new and exciting features for our platform that will add more value to both sports coaches and end-users to experience the fun of sports,” he concludes.

The Mediazone Group congratulates Infinity Coach for winning the Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies 2023 Award. We wish the company more success in its endeavour.

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