Founded by Dr Lee Shau Kee in 1994, Union Hospital is the first private hospital in Hong Kong’s Eastern New Territories. The hospital has grown from strength to strength and built an enviable reputation for providing personalised healthcare solutions.

Dr. Yannie Soo, Assistant Chief Hospital Manager and Specialist in Neurology at Union Hospital.

“Our hospital is committed to delivering person-centred healthcare solutions that are tailored to the individual needs and well-being of our patients,” says Dr. Yannie Soo, Assistant Chief Hospital Manager and Specialist in Neurology at Union Hospital.

There’s been a surge in demand for private healthcare services in Hong Kong because of aging population and growing challenges faced by public healthcare sector. The increasing need for specialised and long-term healthcare have caused significant burden in the public healthcare system, that patients often have to wait for months to years for clinic appointments or treatments, and wait for long hours in clinics for consultations or medical procedures in a crowded environment.

“One of Union Hospital’s missions has been to provide easily accessible, personalised and most importantly quality healthcare services to cater for patients’ individual needs. Geographical factor and convenience in transportation are some of the major factors influencing our patients’ experience. In recent years, we have established several day centres in prime locations like Mira Place and H Zentre in Tsim Sha Tsui to provide high quality medical care with state-of-the art facilities, easily accessible in the heart of the city,” says Dr. Soo.

Union Hospital’s day centres, including Union Endoscopy & Day Procedure Centre, Union Oncology Centre, and Union Imaging & Healthcheck Centre, has each been designed with unique features to facilitate efficient service delivery and person-centred care, ensuring a pleasant patient journey.

The Union Endoscopy & Day Procedure Centre is facilitated with individual resting rooms which offer patients a private and calm environment to rest comfortably before and after medical procedures, which often bring along anxiety and stress. The Centre is also equipped with procedure rooms featuring advanced technology and touch-free computerised disinfection systems. “Our commitment is beyond the provision of medical expertise. We strive to provide our patients with quality care not only during the treatment, but also throughout the patient journey before they come and after they return home. The ease of our patients in getting what they need, how well they are informed ahead of the whole treatment process, their comfort during their stay in our centre, their uncertainties and worries after returning home are what we care about. The patients can complete their medical procedures here in a just few hours and go home afterwards, but our care begins much earlier when the patients first engage with us before their visit, and we are always ready to offer help even after they have left.” she says.

Union Oncology Centre has been striving for excellence in providing medical care for patients with breast cancer. The Centre continuously introduces solutions to make the breast cancer treatment journey a seamless and positive experience as breast cancer remains the third leading cause of cancer deaths among females in Hong Kong, according to the Centre for Health Protection.

“We have introduced the Varian Halcyon radiotherapy system to streamline and enhance breast cancer treatment. This provides a more efficient and caring experience for our patients. The enhanced technical features and performance not only reduce the irradiation to healthy tissues around the tumour, they speed up the processing time compared to conventional linear accelerator, which shorten the treatment duration while maintaining high treatment quality and precision,” says Dr. Soo.

In view of the rising trend of breast cancer rates among younger women, Union Oncology Centre has recently set up a dedicated Ladies’ Area where treatments are fully operated by female radiation therapists. The Area includes a private changing room, washroom, dressing area with private lockers and wig stands. It offers a pleasant, comfortable and refreshing atmosphere for our patients to freshen up before and after treatment. “We understand that patients and their family need a lot of support and comfort when going through the tough treatments. Female cancer patients, in particular, have special needs and prefer more privacy. Our female therapists are more empathic in addressing females’ concerns and are ready to provide support from a female’s perspective,” she continues.

“Another unique service from Union Hospital is the H9 Health Check Plan available at Union Imaging & Healthcheck Centre. It was introduced to address the unique health concerns which vary widely among individuals. The plan includes a set of diagnostic tests based on different risk factors including gender-specific concerns, cardiovascular & cerebrovascular and cancer risks. It can be customised to give a more precise health assessment according to individual’s risk level as compared to standardised health-check plans with present packages” she adds.

As the demand for these specialised services and day centres continues to surge, Union Hospital maintains its dedication to expanding its service network. “We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering more person-centred and innovative healthcare solutions, and we persevere in reaching new heights in healthcare excellence in Hong Kong,” Dr Soo concludes.

The Mediazone Group congratulates Union Hospital for winning the Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies 2023 Award. We wish the hospital more success in its endeavour to care for the people of Hong Kong.

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