Anchored by a history of over 75 years, leading food services company Angliss Hong Kong Food Service Limited has grown to be a top-notch total food service solutions provider. The company has built a reputation for being more than just a food distributor, and they have been growing partnerships and relationships with brand partners to bring many of the world’s best food products to Hong Kong.

Eunice Tin, Deputy Managing Director of Angliss Hong Kong Food Service Ltd

“We have a wide range of products that can meet the needs and demands of any food service operator at any time, and our total food services solutions cover the entire food supply chain for our customers, bringing them the best products ‘from farm to table’ “, says Eunice Tin, Deputy Managing Director of Angliss Hong Kong Food Service Limited

Angliss Hong Kong has a vast network covering most of the B2B clients including hotels, restaurants, airlines, bars, clubhouses, institutional catering, theme parks, and more. The company provides immense value-added services to the operations of its clients through in-house supporting teams for logistics & warehousing, customer services, sales & marketing, R&D, procurement, and any other aspect of the food supply chain. On top of that, Angliss also has their own production facilities and processing plants to meet any demand from customers. Angliss continues to drive the business and explore market opportunities by developing more diversified and comprehensive services.

“We are constantly enhancing our services and offerings. In the 1st quarter of 2023, we launched MyAngliss, a new B2B online ordering platform dedicated to the F&B industry. This innovation gives our clients the power to view the latest products and in-time inventory with just a few taps on their phones or clicks on their computers. It is a convenient on-the-go online ordering system which can be accessed anytime, anywhere so it gives them the competitive edge they need for their businesses. This kind of adaptation and willingness to embrace new technology and products fuels our growth, allowing Angliss to capture opportunities in the market that consequently maximise its services and revenue,” Eunice explains.

Angliss has a promising future as the company stays true to its mission of offering total food service solutions to its partners, suppliers, and customers. The company continues to explore new possibilities in China, Hong Kong & Macau and search for new & exciting brands and products to bring to the market.

“People are the key to success, and they make a difference in any organisation. From back-of-house supporting team to front-line operation staff., we at Angliss recognise everyone’s contribution. In our vibrant and diversified tapestry of business, every person counts and has their role to play every single day,” Eunice concludes.

Bringing the F&B industry together with the Angliss Discovery 2023 Event

Entitled ‘Angliss Discovery 2023 – Discover our Future Together’ featuring over 80 international brands, an exciting culinary competition, and a big crowd of enthusiastic attendees, Hong Kong’s first large-scale B2B Food & Beverage event took place in March 2023 at Kerry Hotel Hong Kong, where it received a great reception from the industry.  The eagerly awaited event saw more than 2,000 food service experts and professionals, including key merchandisers, buyers, chefs, hotel managers, F&B directors, bar, restaurant operators and other industry professionals and VIPs attended for networking.  Attendees were able to see, taste and discuss a wide range of gourmet delicacies from all over the world, with a spotlight on sustainability, traceability, health, organic, vegan and clean, natural products.

Angliss Hong Kong expresses its gratitude for the enthusiastic support and participation of all partners, clients, Hong Kong Chef Association (HKCA), US Meat Export Federation, Gingko House and AI Robotics for contributing to the great success of the event.

“The reason we value and invest in Angliss Discovery event is because it allowed Angliss Hong Kong to share the latest news and innovations with the industry’s partners while fostering strong relationships, exchanging information and insights in a dynamic and hospitable environment.” Says Eunice.

The Mediazone Group congratulates Angliss Hong Kong Food Service Limited for winning the Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies 2023 Award as Best Food Supplier of the Year. We wish the company more success in its growth and endeavour.

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