Established in 2018 SquareDog Robotics Limited has grown from strength to strength in pioneering intelligent robot solutions for Hong Kong’s construction industry. The company’s innovations in artificial intelligence and robotics automation technologies have earned it numerous accolades with their solutions being used in a wide range of construction-related applications today.

Antonio Cheung, CEO of SquareDog Robotics

“We collaborate with experts in the construction industry to provide innovative solutions while preserving and respecting traditional workflows, professional judgement and craftsmanship. Our intelligent robots and automation technologies enhance efficiency and safety, offering greater possibilities for the construction sector. They complement traditional workflows and professional knowledge which result in providing much better solutions,” says Antonio Cheung, Chief Executive Officer of SquareDog Robotics Limited
According to a survey conducted by HSBC, many companies in Hong Kong are tapping into disruptive technologies like AI, robotics, big data, etc to help run their businesses as the growing availability of such tools helps them save time and money. This trend is happening in the building and construction industry too as many international construction firms are realizing the multiple benefits of using robots for building infrastructure, improving quality & site safety, boosting productivity and tackling manpower shortage so there is an increasing robotics adoption rate within this sector.

Saving Costs & Maximizing Productivity

Sky Robot

Some of SquareDog Robotics’ most popular products include Sky Robot and Robo Follower. Sky Robot is the first successfully commercialized high-rise exterior robot in Hong Kong. The product brings immense value to the building industry because it provides a safe operational alternative to traditional gondolas when working at extreme heights for structure cleaning or inspection jobs.
“The installation time of Sky Robot is very fast and it can adapt to various wall surfaces with the range of high-quality cleaning tools and inspection test solutions it offers. From our experience, a sharp rise in productivity and significant cost savings has resulted from the use of Sky Robot because the product can complete the cleaning and building inspection job significantly faster than traditional methods. Furthermore, when no humans are involved in such kind of risky high-rise works our clients can save up to 75% in operational costs and approximately 50% on insurance costs,” explains Antonio.

Robo Follower

“Robo Follower is another popular product because it is an intelligent hands-free robotic cart that follows the operator and provides seamless load transportation with a simple ‘Plug & Go’ interface, making the robot’s operation convenient for any worker with minimal training required. The product has a very short setup time with no initial cost too. It can steer over uneven surfaces, gravel, grating, gaps and even water paddle with its target tracking navigation and obstacle avoidance features, all of which can be activated with one click. Many projects use Robo Follower because it can memorize up to 5 routes and it is capable of carrying very heavy loads since it can also be attached to a hand-pallet jack to tow up to 600kg. This prevents work-site injury as it eliminates the human errors that occur with manually handling such heavy loads. While robots are transforming the construction industry as companies like ours develop machines that can assist workers in handling dangerous tasks which may impact health, that does not mean they will replace humans. We believe that robots will work in harmony with humans to create a more efficient, qualitative and safe construction environment so we encourage collaboration with other industries in a positive, proactive and open-minded manner to elevate the standards of both our products and the entire industry,” he concludes.

The Mediazone Group congratulates SquareDog Robotics Limited for winning the Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies 2024 Award. We wish the company more success in its endeavour to bring more intelligent service robots that will benefit Hong Kong’s businesses. 


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