Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong 2018 and Smart City Forum 2018

Asian Focus: Global Focus On Hong Kong’s Smart City Forum

Thousands of technology fans across more than 20 countries tuned in on Mediazone’s Social Media channels today to catch the first glimpse of Hong Kong’s much-awaited Smart City Forum and winners of the HKMVC Services Awards.

The curtain rose at sharp 5 pm with the traditional opening remarks from the publisher’s Editor-in-Chief.

“Good evening. On behalf of my colleagues across Asia, the Americas, Oceana and Asia, may I say how humbled we remain to have the honour of your presence here today – a landmark meeting in city a famed for its leadership.

The future of business in Hong Kong continues to rest on the strides you make and we are glad that the privilege falls to us, to showcase your successes to a waiting world.

Our own work across the continents show there is restrained applause to the advance of Artificial Intelligence. History shows that progress has indeed uplifted the quality of human life but also rained down untold misery and unimaginable suffering on us all.

So what does the future hold? From our albeit small window, we see AI becoming a political talking point. We see logistics becoming increasingly efficient. We picture self-driving cars, robotic soldiers, AI-created media, consumers talking to machines, rising demand for data-scientists and AI helping to fight challenging disease with technology inspired by blockchain.

This evening, speakers from distinguished companies will address the world, through our print, online and social media. Those of us in this room however, have the opportunity to glean what opportunity we can from these presentations. Often, the subject may be of comparably less interest to us. But, gems are rarely on the surface. We have to dig and search. I urge you to do this tonight. Surprise yourself.

Mr. Glenn Rogers, CEO of Mediazone Group with Chief Guest Dr. Bernard Chan, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development of the Hong Kong Government.

This evening also presents an opportunity to put a face to a name – to forge new ties and constantly trust the universe to have brought us here for a reason. Let us find this reason tonight. Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you.”

A many as 300 specially invited guests were treated to presentations from 15 top companies showcasing path-finding technologies, fresh ideas and innovative concepts.

Brilliantly shot photos and videos tell the story of an evening devoted to progress, sharing and networking.

The Mediazone Group owes a debt of gratitude to Chief Guest Dr. Bernard Chan, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development of the Hong Kong Government for speaking at the Smart City Forum. He encouraged the audience to reach for greater heights.

Exclusive interviews with our award winners at Mediazone’s Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong 2018 Awards ceremony.

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