Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong 2018 Awards

Bracing for Challenge

Respected guests, Award Winners, Members of the Press and Friends of Hong Kong world-wide.

Mr. Glenn Rogers, CEO of Mediazone Group

We are gathered here tonight to celebrate humble accomplishment resulting in applause-worthy success. More importantly we are here to cherish and nurture the characteristic Hong Kong Chinese spirit of enterprise that is poised to face another new era of great challenge.

Though tonight is a time for laughter, cries of merriment and joy, I would be failing you if I did not remind you that great challenge await us all in the year 2018. I remind you, not to alarm you but to so we may prepare.

While international unrest may bring its share of discomfort, we must be equally wary of internal storms that impact our way of life, the lives of our children and by extension, the world.

Our studies of vital sectors that uphold the Hong Kong economy reveal that costs of commodities may rise as much as 12 percent, residential real estate is expected to plateau as industrial may rise by 15-18 %. Precious metals are expected to rise marginally and crypto-currencies are expected to lead investors to new heights. Internet-based apps will lose steam to the growing power of search engines. Gaming apps however will soar to unprecedented heights, reaping rich rewards for their inventors.

Migration rates are ticked to rise steadily as Hong Kongers pick Australia, Canada and the UK in search of value and must-deserved quality of lifestyle.

Trade-wise, costs of land and labour will impact on local and international competitiveness. Automation will impact key service sectors like travel and hospitality.

Beyond our boarders international strife will weigh heavily on our trade and commerce. To survive and outlive these days, Hong Kong must lean heavily on our globally famous ‘will-do’ attitude, our determination to use innovation and creativity to maximize our competiveness. In short, we must boost our ability to encourage our workforce with inspiration and reward. We must infuse our younger colleagues with a greater sense of integrity, a devotion to excellence and make constant improvisation a daily habit.

Let us do this tonight. Here and now. With our hand on our hearts, let us pledge that from this moment on, we will devote every minute of our working day to grow better at what we do. Let us make this pledge today as the world’s spotlight shines on our humble success. May we strive to serve our brothers and sisters equally at home and aboard with love, commitment and devotion because ladies and gentlemen…we are the world.

Thank you

Mediazone Group

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