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The Mediazone Group is best placed to train personnel in the field of public relations and media-relations simply because we ourselves are publishers and we know what we expect and want from our PR/Mass Communications partners.
Recording in any form is not permitted across all workshops.
For owners of corporations/Chairmen/CEOs of multinationals seeking discrete media-relations coaching. These tailor-made (industry-specific) workshops are offered on either at the Mediazone Studios in Hong Kong or in private locations in association with our hotels and private airline partners.
For companies that wish to empower their mass communications/marketing personnel with media-industry knowhow. Workshops are held at the customer’s office or at our studios. Content is tailor-made to suit availability and industry.
Theme-based workshops are offered at discounted rates. Details are updated our social networks regularly.
Attendees get a certificate of participation with the curriculum.
Please note: Government subsidy is not yet in place.
Seating is limited. Cancellations and refunds are not permitted.
In all of the above, mentors across a wide range of industries constitute the predetermined content of our workshops. These include social media, journalism, motion pictures, television, broadcasting, script writing, photography/cinematography, professional make-up etc. All mentors serve on confidentiality contracts with Mediazone Ltd.
For further information, please e-mail
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