When Hong Kong’s wine enthusiasts want to source the rarest and best for private enjoyment there is only one company they rely on – MAJOR HOLDINGS LTD.

Since 2008, Major Holdings Ltd has been bringing collectors in Hong Kong, mainland China and beyond, the finest wines through its wholesale and retail services. “As a purveyor of the world’s finest wines, it is our privilege to bring you the rarest and most desirable vintages available today,” says the brands website.

While the Hong Kong market for quality or rare wines may well be expanding, the fact remains, that competition is rising too as the world’s best wine suppliers want to sell to the fertile Hong Kong market.

As the industry expands though, the main defining factor is – authenticity. The market demands ‘delivery’ and to offer that quality of service, you have to have that range of product and that global reach to be able to source faster and more easily.

Quality Matters

In its collection are some of the most renowned brands that command the respect of wine connoisseurs and leading wine critics everywhere. Its wines range in age from 100 years up to the modern era, offering a wide selection from which to choose. In many ways, its cellars are a museum of the world’s most treasured vintages.

“To enrich your knowledge of fine wines, our dedicated wine specialists who are well versed in the eight main grape varieties, first growth Bordeaux and rare Burgundies. Also our wine consultant who visits wineries throughout the world seeking out as yet undiscovered wines with great potential. This enables us to bring superior wines to you at reasonable prices,” says a company spokesperson.

Major Holdings Ltd is an all rounded/one stop service including wine sorting, ordering, storage, wine cellar design, etc.

“Wine is different than other electronic products or packed food, its quality and taste won’t show by looking at the wine bottle; we know the importance of buying wines from secured and reputed source and we treasure the quality of wine. We deliver to customers each bottle of wine with our best control from logistic and storage to ensure customer would enjoy the wine as it’s from the chateau,” the spokesperson said.

Art of Service

“Competition, especially in HK island is increasing. We are enhancing our servicing (for example, we allow wine glass rental service) and we opened a branch in Central in June 2017 ; we also strengthen our marketing team and plan to better promote our brand.

We plan to provide a bigger place for wine storage, master class tasting , and online trading platform for vendors as well as for customers,” she said.

Speaking on prospects for the growing China market she says, “in China, due to the anti-corruption scheme taken by the PRC government, we notice that some customers are buying lower price products who were use to buy high value wines, and we have adjusted our product portfolios to have more lower price products to allow them to have more options.”

All in all, Major Holdings Ltd is well placed to ride across and above every challenge if only because it knows its subject. Competitors may do well to know that sourcing is easier than knowledge acquisition and connections to the right sources is vital in this business.

HKMVC takes this opportunity to salute this Award-worthy company and recommends its well-regarded services to all its readers.

For additional information, please visit www.majorcellar.com

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