The internet is changing business protocol as fast as it is impacting consumer behaviour. JOHNSON YIM speaks on how EBSL makes sense, profit and progress for his customers in this competitive digital era.

Johnson YIM, CEO.

Hong Kong’s most proactive companies are rushing to embrace what’s known as the Internet of Things or simply, IoT. But, few truly understand what they need and how technology could be harnessed to make business faster, more automated and customer-centric.

Johnson Yim fills that niche with EBSL.

The company offers a wide range of business solutions, technologies and applications for enterprises of different industries to meet the challenge in the digital era.

He says: “Our award-winning teams have the skills, expertise, experience and dedication in helping our clients to transform their business processes, optimize the operations and improve the overall performance. We bring IoT (Internet of Things) to business with our comprehensive mobile, tracking, sensing, RFID solutions, and SMS Services as well as the choices of applicable devices.”

Growing Market

“Because of the vast publicity of IoT term, enterprises and organizations are looking into how this technology can be applied in their business and operations to create values to itself and their customers/end users,” Yim says.

“However, an IoT application itself is complicated,” he cautions.

“It consists of a diversified ecosystems that include, sensing devices, gateways/ readers, communication networks, cloud/server infrastructure, and industry-specific applications. Not to mention about the many evolving standards/protocols governing the interfacing among all these components. Industry today are longing for IoT service partners who can provide a full picture of their desired IoT application.”

Although the term IoT emerged in recent years, EBSL has gained rich experience in past 15 years since its establishment.

“We have worked with a strong network of business partners including device providers, network services providers, cloud infrastructure providers, combined with its strong software team to make best-of-breed IoT solutions to enterprises and organizations that meet their business needs,” Yim adds.

It’s All About Value!

EBSL’s IoT invention is recognized as IoT Technology of the Year at the 18th Asia Pacific Information and Communications Technology Alliance Awards (APICTA) 2018.

The EBSL business innovation focuses on creating business values to its customers. Yim says the innovations are practical that can be deployed to real-life daily operations.

He cites the airport passenger baggage handling systems as a valid example. The invention is supporting daily operation at the Hong Kong International Airport and enhanced the baggage handling productivity.

EBSL also identifies the Facility Management industry as the next success of IoT applications. The EBSL Zenzi Platform combines both Mobile and IoT technology to revolutionize the industry with fast responses,  transparent workflows, optimized resources, and enhanced service levels.

The best practices of FM industry have been widely recognized in the mainland China and Greater Bay Area. With the adoption of latest IoT technology, these best practices can be further upgraded. The partnership with FM services providers and the adoption of IoT technology will set the next generation of services standard in the GBA.

“We see the future as being explosive for companies who know how to use the IoT and its related applications with cutting edge precision. That’s what we are here for. We are about empowering our customers to make the best of this golden digital era quickly before their competitors do.”

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