Important Notices


Over recent months we have received several enquiries from companies about Awards being offered to them by former (sacked) employees of the Mediazone Group and by a few fly-by-night companies with no credible history of publishing and/or no experience-backed authority.

We have also received enquiries from consumers asking us about their suppliers boasting about a string of awards that have no credibility, substance or meaning.

To address these, please note the following VERY carefully:

For Companies Being Approached to Participate in Awards:

  • Please ask for proof of existence in terms of number of years of service to Hong Kong.
  • Please ask for a demonstration of quality of service and public recognition.
  • Ask for knowledge they (the award peddlers) have of your industry/company, your corporate objectives and solutions to your marketing needs. Do not be surprised if they know nothing about your industry or your company.
  • Ask for any public sector endorsements of their products or services.
  • Ask them to prove the legitimacy of their Awards and the BASIS of these Awards.

For Consumers/Buyers of Products, Services:

When your suppliers attempt to get business from you citing a string of Awards;

  • Ask for the websites of these Awards companies and judge the credibility of these suppliers by the so-called Awards they have won,
  • Ask the suppliers to prove the credibility of each of these Awards and the legitimacy they are based on.
  • Some Award sellers are also claiming to be part of the Mediazone Group and/or are using our email templates and copied formats of our booking documents. An investigation has been initiated into these companies.

If in doubt call the Mediazone Group on +852 2111 3161 or email and confirm if these brands have any legitimate links to us.

CAUTION: Buying meaningless Awards is not a wise choice because consumers are growing intelligent enough to Google the credibility behind the recognitions you have and what they discover will impact your business negatively. 

For details on the credibility of the Mediazone Group, its services and Awards please visit or