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            Path-finding technology that lights up the future

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            Progress Before Problems: Hong Kong Rises Once Again!

            Tenacious Hong Kongers gathered to share new technologies, inspirational views and discuss market-driving trends at the city’s favourite showcase of business innovations - The Hong...

            Experience, Quality, and Top-Notch Workmanship Becomes Silver Bullet for Customers of Aloha Decor

            Led by visionary I-no Kong, Aloha Decor has grown from strength to strength as the company remains one of the very few interior design firms in Hong Kong which has founders and des...

            10 Years of Experience and Innovations in InsurTech & WealthTech Wins Market Applause

            Founded in 2014 by visionary Raymond Fu, LOGOS Wealth Management Group Co Ltd (“LOGOS Wealth”) has grown to be a pioneer in the InsurTech and WealthTech domains. The company celebr...

            Newman Prepares the Next Generation for Tomorrow’s Challenges with its Holistic Approach to Education

            In a world that's constantly evolving, the need for an educational system that not only keeps pace but also anticipates future shifts is more crucial than ever. Newman Education st...

            Shaping the Future of Business in Hong Kong With Culture Transformation

            The significance of organizational culture cannot be emphasized enough in the rapidly changing and dynamic business landscape. Hong Kong-based consultancy firm Culture4Good Consult...

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            Disruptive Innovations Shaping the Future of Business in Hong Kong

            Leaders of innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Human Resources, Healthcare and many more spoke at Mediazone’s Asia’s Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong 20...

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            Progress Before Problems: Hong Kong Rises Once Again!


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