Few international brands have become so part and parcel of Hong Kong life as has Holland’s FrieslandCampina. Managing Director HARVEY UONG walks us through the brand’s imprint on our past, present and future.

Market-leading, FrieslandCampina Hong Kong (FCHK) celebrates its journey alongside Hong Kong with a modest degree of humble pride. The Dutch company’s iconic products have become part and parcel of Hong Kong life and with good reason.

With quality and sustainability at the corporate core, the company provides nutritious dairy products, enhances lifestyles and creates opportunities and, in doing so, inadvertently contributes to the economy of Hong Kong. 

FCHK first entered the Hong Kong market in 1927 with its LONGEVITY brand sweetened milk spread the idea was to provide quality dairy nutrition to children and families. In 1938, Friesland Ice cream and Cold Storage Company Ltd came into being and today goes by its name — FrieslandCampina Hong Kong or simply FCHK.

Iconic Brands

The company introduced its popular BLACK & WHITE brand with its Full Cream Evaporated Milk (EVM) in the 1940s, leading the development of unique HK-styled Milk Tea and went on to become the ‘most preferred EVM’ by local milk tea masters.

In 1978, the infant and toddler formula brand, FRISO, was launched to provide quality dairy nutrition to infants, young children and pregnant mothers.

In 1983, the dairy-based beverage brand, DUTCH LADY was launched to help locals build strong families, and more recently, in 2015, the first adult nutrition formula, OPTIMEL, was launched to provide progressive nutrition to adults and elderlies, supporting locals to stay young from the inside. 

As a dairy cooperative headquartered in the Netherlands, the company has about 14,000 dairy farms and is owned by 19,000 dairy farmer members. FrieslandCampina takes care of the whole value chain from dairy farming, cow rearing, quality assurance, production, packaging, logistics to sales and distribution thereby controlling the consistency of its quality across all its brands — ‘From Grass to Glass’. This unique aspect of its distinct quality supply chain is aimed at ensuring the best quality control to deliver the best product to the end consumer.

CSR Initiatives: Giving Back

“Its combination of many factors that make FC a global success,” says FCHK’s Managing Director, Harvey Uong, “From fairness with all our suppliers to nurturing of our employees to giving back to the community, our mission is to be the best we can through quality, sustainability, best-business-practices and compliance across all aspects of our business.”

“It is this sense of fairness and devotion to our customers that motivates us across all facets of the company. We celebrate World Milk Day to promote a health lifestyle, promote the unique Hong Kong milk-tea drinking culture, encourage the caring of the elderly,” Uong explains.

He adds: “At FrieslandCampina, we aim to create the most successful, professional and attractive dairy company for our member farmers, employees, customers, consumers and society. As such, FCHK puts nourishing and unleashing employee potential at all levels to enable them to grow together with the company as a priority. There are leadership and functional trainings for colleagues to sharpen their aptitude and thus pave the way to groom the next generation of leaders in senior management.”

“Moreover, FCHK believes it is important for colleague to join forces in giving back to the community. The full company engages in key CSR days. And it is through these CSR events that we enable our colleagues to be better associated with not only our business objectives, but also to our commitment to nourishing the lives of Hong Kong’s people across all ages. Our journey with and our growth alongside Hong Kong is a continuing one. It is built on mutual trust, respect and a desire to constantly be better than our best,” concludes Uong.

These are a Few of our Favourite Things!

FCHK continues to make its mark on the lives of Hong Kongers though its range of top quality products that provide us with top-of-the-line nutrition and health-care choices.

FRISO: ‘Made by nature, made better by science’. The production process enables a LockNutri® system that preserves milk’s protein structure close to its natural form and thus preventing it from being damaged from over-heating. FRISO takes care of pregnant mothers from ante-natal stage, to infant and toddler nutrition intake with formula and rice-based cereal products.

BLACK&WHITE: Leading the growth of HK-Style milk tea in last 75 years, B&W full cream evaporated milk (EVM) is recognized as the best match for HK-styled milk tea and is most preferred by local milk tea masters. B&W EVM is made by fresh milk and originates from the Netherlands bringing the unique aroma, texture, taste and richness of HK-styled milk tea that generations have come to love.

DUTCH LADY: Provides ready-to-drink products of different favors such as pure milk, choco milk and high calcium less fat, as well as different pack size such as family size at 946ml, 225ml for on-the-go, and 110ml for kids, offering different options for consumer needs. DUTCH LADY brand was relaunched in 2015 and succeeded in bringing its quality and heritage to consumers, thereby helping to build strong Hong Kong families.

OPTIMEL: FrieslandCampina’s first adult nutrition brand, OPTIMEL, is the only brand here that offers high calcium low fat adult nutrition formula with tailored nutrition for different age ranges — 40s, 50s and 60s and above, providing dairy nutrition to support mobility (bone, joints and muscle), heart health and cognitive health.

For additional information please visit www.frieslandcampina.com

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