Crafting Cinematic Stories For Today’s Global Brands

JOSHUA WONG, Director and Founder, and ERNEST WU, Managing Partner, speak about their award-winning success in the discerning market of corporate film making.

From its incarnation in 2010, The Laundromatte quickly established itself in Hong Kong as a force in innovative and beautiful visual story-telling as well as engaging and dynamic creative solutions for all their clients. The company was founded by Joshua Wong, who had accumulated years of experience as a video editor, motion graphics artist and music composer. Ernest Wu joined shortly after as partner and managing director, bringing to the company his experience working in 3D animation at Microsoft. A short film “The Mailbox” was the first project of many that the two would work together on – it was awarded Best Short Film at the 2010 Oregon Film Festival.

JOSHUA WONG, Director and Founder, and ERNEST WU, Managing Partner of THE LAUNDROMATTE LIMITED.

Servicing both agencies and brands, the two quickly found a good rhythm, attracting many high-profile clients such as LucasFilm, The Walt Disney Company, Starbucks, Pernod Ricard, Time Warner, Ogilvy and Mather, BBDO and M&C Saatchi. With Joshua handling creative concepts and direction, and Ernest overseeing client relations and project management, the pair fast became renowned for their visual story-telling throughout Hong Kong.


The company’s focus has transitioned through several stages as they observed the changing demands from an ever-growing market. It shifted from mostly post-production to more development and production. Now clients come to them for the entire process: from brainstorming initial concepts, to creation and completion. Some of their latest work includes TV commercials for Star Wars, Marriott Hotels, Bank of East Asia, and viral content for Starbucks, Chivas, and Philips. They have also continued to develop award-winning microfilms and short films.

A New Approach

Joshua stresses creativity, originality, and character development at The Laundromatte. “We don’t settle for recreating products and pitches, but prioritize fresh and clever ideas, executed with innovation and inspiration.” Ideas and experiences are at the heart of everything The Laundromatte does – their production skills enable their clients’ story to be told in a uniquely beautiful manner.

The Laundromatte’s partnership with Avollusion – a technical event production company – also enables the studio to create content outside traditional mediums. “We can push the viewing experience into real life, using interactivity and other more advanced technology that is relatively new in Hong Kong,” Ernest explains. He adds, “The Laundromatte’s ability to combine various disciplines gives them tremendous leverage to create extraordinary viewing experiences across different platforms.”

The ability to create their own content gives them more control over budgets and enables The Laundromatte to better foresee any financial and scheduling constraints.

Hong Kong is well-known for its tight budgets and impossible deadlines. “Part of the challenge at The Laundromatte is to figure out that sweet spot where we are able to create and operate while still maintaining an enjoyable production process,” Ernest says.

Joshua concludes, “We believe the people make the company, people make our brand. So our philosophy is simple: We make sure our clients and our crew enjoy the creative process. Whether it is at the office brainstorming ideas, on a production set for filming, or screening the end product, we treat everyone with respect and toss ego out the window. We work as equals. This mentality permeates everything we do, regardless of how big or small the projects are.”

Future Prospects

Ernest is optimistic about the company’s future. “China is hungry for stories that can create visually engaging journeys for the masses. This shift in demand for an engaging narrative is not just occurring in the commercial word, but also in boutique events and showsuite installations. This is the wave that The Laundromatte is riding on at the moment.”

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