Entrepreneur TATCO MA of LEAR is stepping up the act with the latest technology that will bring performance to your mind and heart like never before. And if you’re wondering what’s love got to do with it, read on.

Passionate entrepreneur Tatco Ma is feted again, this time for market applause for his brand – LEAR. While the shelves groan under the weight of beautifully packed, attractively priced ear phones, his brand flies off the shelves thanks to word-of-mouth advertising.

It’s commendable considering how the impact of social media has addicted the human race to mobile phones. Nearly 90 percent of readers have more than one set of head/ear phones a fact that is motivating the industry to fever pitch competition. 

Tatco Ma, founder of LEAR.

New Technology

“We’ve brought the NatroSound™ technology, high quality and affordable custom-made in ear monitor-LCM-A1d MKII and also the high quality wireless cable- BTC-01, to Hong Kong,” says Ma.

LEAR is the only company in Hong Kong who puts the most investment ,passion into the high quality, professional personal audio products R&D, according to Ma.

“We are the only local company who has secure so many patents of the personal audio products. This underscores our belief in the potential of the market and our passion to the industry sector we represent.

“We will keep releasing and selling our unique, high quality products at the most affordable price,” Ma adds.

Future is Now

Headphones will be more ‘smart and powerful’ and will be integrated with a lot special functions (like motion sensor, wireless connection and phone connectivity, says Ma, adding, “it would take some place of the current smartphones market for sure.”

“On the other hand, high end and higher sound quality’s earphone will be growing rapidly due to the demand of high resolution music. VR and AR technology will interact with headphones as it is almost the only way to enjoy the best experience of these technologies!”

Speaking on prices, Ma says, “there are always 2 kinds of preferences, first is the cheap or affordable price range with trendy design, colorful outlooks.

The second will be expensive but state-of-art designed products, luxury-like products not to mention the fully customized shape, custom-perfect fit and specific materials.”

Customer Loyalty!

While competition is expanding the sector and the market is growing, smart brands realize that the costs competitiveness is an important factor, which coupled with business overheads can seriously impact bottom-line profit. While we would all aim for the top-level connoisseur market, the reality is unpredictable. The best way forward is to build the brand as not just a high tech, best-inclass technology brand but also as a customer-service orientated brand. Customer service is just as important than trends because in bad days, customer loyalty will keep brands alive,” concludes Ma.

For additional information, please visit www.lear.hk

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