What started out as a life-choice has now grown into a sizable, organically grown business that bring a refreshing perspective to the affluent but saturated Hong Kong market. KANDY CHAU speaks about her success ingredient.

It was a life choice, says founder Kandy Chau, who decided that starting her own business meant she would lead life on her own terms and spend more time with her young son. With a husband who has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, she felt it was the right time to begin her own company and that’s how Krispace Design Consultancy Co. Ltd was formed. 

The mission from the beginning was to offer tailor-made design solutions to a wide range of clients. “We didn’t want to confine ourselves to any particular industry. We recognized that good design saves space, creates ambience and influences mood. We also recognize that customers was more value for money and the internet is always available to show customers what is available in terms of choices and prices,” Chau explains.

Innovation is Key

“Gaining a customer’s trust, understanding their needs and objectives is an art. You need patience, experience and the ability to see other person’s vision,” says Chau. “Next comes the innovative part. You have to be fresh, unique, pragmatic and competitive and have a good client-servicing ethic. When designing you have to keep key factors in mind and be careful not to over promise. Customers in Hong Kong are happy to pay for a quality job but you have to earn their trust first. A good design is functional, decorative, trendy and smart. With Hong Kong’s increasing space problems and the current economic climate you have to be good at achieving more for less.”

Path to Progress

“Our vision is to be a reputed, wellknown company specializing in design, project management and contracting. Our mission is to be profitable for shareholders, caring, innovative, adaptable and caring to clients. To our staff, we offer upmarket pay and that ensures our staff treat our customers with the attention, care and professionalism they deserve.”

Asked about expansion plans, Chau says, “we actually have no specific expansion plan. Yet we do wish to expand the clientele to all walks of lives in the market – as we said before, our priority is to serve Hong Kong locals. We have begun launching some marketing events and activities to help make the company’s name popular through various media/channels.

Meanwhile, our plan is to remain passionate and persistent, to look forward and never give up.”

For additional information, please visit www.krispace.com

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