Pioneering health care company’s focus on preventative medicine is proving a boon to an increasingly health-conscious Hong Kong market, says MIKE TEE, the company’s COO.

Prevention is better than cure, was a mere cliché until MJ HK Health Screening Center was established with one purpose — to give health conscious patrons an opportunity to stay healthy.

Mike Tee, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Asia-Pacific Business Development Sector is an avid industry watcher and passionate about his mission to promote preventative medicine to all the people locally and globally.

To constructing a ‘Health Management Platform Accessible to Millions’ MJ HK Health Screening Center was established in 2001. The mother company was set up in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1988.

Its patented “MJ Automated Multiphasic Health Testing and Service” (AMHTS) is the main axis to promote health management.

“The market for our services is huge considering people in Hong Kong lead such busy lives, that they make no time to look after health issues.” – Mike Tee

Cost-Effective Options           

“The demand for health care in Hong Kong and China is growing and there are very few private medical clinics on the mainland,” says Tee.

MJ is therefore a high quality center and provides a one-stop solution for the mass.

“We complete the maximum check-ups at the lowest cost within the shortest time with our educational hospital level equipment and in our warm and comfortable environment,” he explains.

Filling a Niche          

“The market for our services is huge considering people in Hong Kong lead such busy lives, that they make no time to look after health issues. Since most people are seeking for the high lifestyle, many private clinics here provide a quality service at a higher price. In spite of this, the people in Hong Kong don’t know the range of complete health check up facilities available. Our services include regular seminars during which we impart health-related knowledge, sickness prevention, preventative medicine not just for individuals but for the whole family, as well. This helps save money for the family and a large amount of public resources as well.”

The company provides one-stop solutions for anyone — high quality services at reasonable prices. Tailor-made health check-ups for employees of businesses are on offer too.

Mission Possible          

Mainlanders grow more affluent want to pursue a high-quality life including wellness so centres on the mainland are certainly in the pipeline as are planned to cooperate with more related enterprises to  spread brand awareness. More product launches may be expected.

“We view the benefits of customer’s health as the main axis, to pursue the human quality and healthy life. To achieve this, we are constantly breaking barriers and innovating. With the help of sustainable management, we seek the greatest benefit for the health of thousands around the world. Our vision is ‘Live long, live well, stay young’,” Tee concludes.

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