In the past few years, In Good Health Co. Limited (IGH) has grown from strength to strength in pioneering the promotion and adoption of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) telehealth services in Hong Kong. “Our telehealth app offers more than just video consultation as the platform brings convenience, a user-friendly interface and a seamless experience for both the patient and medical service provider through features such as appointment scheduling and reminders, medical billing, secure messaging, medicine delivery, medical records management, and more,” says Mark Szeto, CEO of IGH.

Mark Szeto, CEO of IGH.

“Although the adoption of telehealth services in Hong Kong has picked up since the outbreak of COVID-19, Hong Kong is still behind in telehealth development as compared with the rest of the world,” he continues.

While the Hong Kong Government has been encouraging more private hospitals, medical groups, healthcare professionals, etc., to provide telehealth services to members of the public, there is presently no legislation regulating telemedicine, and the telemedicine-related guidelines issued by the Medical Council of Hong Kong and Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong have not illustrated the specific standards and requirements for the application of telemedicine.

IGH has adopted a prudent stance for the provision of telemedicine services. “Our platform is trusted because from day one we have focused on setting standards. We comply with the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to ensure that all our users get the benefit of having a secure and reliable connection which protects their sensitive information. In addition to a world-class user interface, our workflow mimics that of an in-person clinical visit. We become an effective channel for Chinese Medicine Practitioners to offer their healthcare services online, and to build engagement and retention of patients. We believe that User Data Security and User Experience are 2 critical success factors for any online businesses.” says Mark.

IGH remains committed to modernizing, commercializing and globalizing the Chinese Medicine industry which represents thousands of years of Chinese wisdom and culture. “As an industry leader we will continue to demonstrate how telehealth can improve quality of life, promote wellness and foster a smarter future for us all,” he concludes.

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