The synergy between creative forces FOUR LAU and SAM SUM continue to feature in Greater China’s modern urban landscapes.

Among Greater China’s most laudable characteristics is its thrust towards progress and development. While this is more often perceived through subtle hints, in the design business, this is highly evident. Sharing a design philosophy of “sense and sensibility”, Four Lau and Sam Sum have pooled their efforts to build the award-winning AS Design Service Limited.

AS Design is a collective of experts in comprehensive design offering services to companies in Hong Kong and Mainland China, as well as the South Pacific region. Its main strength lies in image renovation for businesses, helping brands to stand out and become globally renowned.

Hong Kong plays the important role of bridge between China and the world. Taking advantages of opportunities on either front requires a highly competitive design team. While capable in commercial, hospitality, residential and retail disciplines, AS Design is especially gifted with stores, creating work that utilizes and enhances the unique image and message of various brands. A growing list of satisfied customers makes fact of the claim.

The Function of Design

Creative Director Four Lau and Art Director Sam Sum believe that the “aesthetic vision of the design team always creates the most stylish work”. AS Design goes against merely following trends when working on any design. Rather, it seeks to find a more suitable and original creative road for each brand. The aim is to create a large number of high quality expressions of the brand and its core values.

The company focuses on achieving a win-win balance between what the client commissions, and the needs of its customers i.e. the mass consumer market. It is therefore imperative to not be limited to any fixed style, consistently expand on creative possibilities and remain willing to accept difficult challenges. The results of this often exceed customer expectations, meeting the public’s desire for freshness as well as the group’s internal standards for self-improvement.

The growing visibility of AS Design’s work not only begets new customers, but also inspires young talent, some of which have found its way into the company’s ranks. Its increased capacities allow for reaching new frontiers – future areas of expertise.

Four Lau and Sam Sum endlessly prepare for forthcoming large-scale opportunities. New industry technologies, techniques and trends will undoubtedly impose influence on their work, but the primary directive remains the same. With that, AS Design has little more than to pursue continued success, which lies in the effective brand communication of each finished project.



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