Few innovative companies in Hong Kong have designed a business on providing joy and interactive personality enhancement for our young as PLAY CONCEPT LTD, has.

Judie Au, Director of Play Concept Ltd.

Kids life to play and that’s an idea that Play Concept Ltd is taking to new heights.

“We want to create a playground which is unique and fun by our innovative thinking, rather than just deliver standard modules to our customers,” says Judie Au, the company’s director.

“The Whale Garden in D. Park is one of our proudest projects. We designed this marvelous playground with 2 unique custom-made play equipment, one is a wooden Whale and one is a Giraffe-shaped slide. We sourced qualified manufacturers all over the world to make sure everything is perfect. The project was satisfied by our customers and recognized by international institutes. It won 2 design awards including iF Design Awards and German Design Awards,” she says proudly.

Hong Kong International School Giant Lantern

Fresh, Creative Ideas

Most companies in the ‘play space’ industry tend to be equipment suppliers rather than a playground designer.

As a result, there are many playgrounds with same equipment and appearance in Hong Kong.

“We hope to change this trend and deliver fresh and creative ideas to our customers. That’s what makes us different,” Au points out.

“Fortunately, our customers are more open-minded now and willing to listen our advise, to create a unique playground. They understand the significance of the playground for children while growing and pleased to invest more in playground facilities.”

“One of our customers, Hong Kong International School would like to have a giant play equipment with a Chinese lantern appearance. This 6.3 meters high piece of equipment is designed to connect 2 playgrounds on different floors!,” Au says.

“It contains climbing nets and a suspension bridge. Because of its difficulty, including research and development, exploration study, structural, restricted site condition, the production and installation, we have invested much time and labor cost including designers and engineers for this project. There is no other competitor who was able to do it or willing to invest so much as we are.”

“Moreover, we sourced a manufacturer in Europe to produce the equipment with high quality steel and ropes. We solved the mechanics engineering issues, fixed the installation problems on site, and finally created a giant lantern play equipment for our customer which all students are enjoy to play.”

The Jungle of Giant at Ocean Park.

“Innovation, speed, quality of service, sincerity in execution and devotion to the customer makes excellent business sense and it is our way of doing business.” – Judie Au, Director.

The Whale Garden, Wooden Whale Play Equipment.

View to a Skill

Our vision is to build a dream playland for our children in Hong Kong, Au says.

“We strive for the best and keep designing and building our playgrounds with excellent quality and creativity. We also want to demonstrate our works to the world,” she adds.

“Besides, we set up a China office last year and we are participating in several project in China. We are going to attend some trade shows and exhibitions in America, Middle East etc. to explore foreign markets.

This HKMVC Award is a sure sign that we are on the right track. Innovation, speed, quality of service, sincerity in execution and devotion to the customer makes excellent business sense and it is our way of doing business. Bringing joy, excitement to kids makes us part of their formative lives. This gives us an avenue to contribute to the successive generations of wholesome, all-rounded citizens of Hong Kong. This is our mission. This is our reason for existence.”

For additional information, please visit www.playconcept.com.hk

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