A highly adept artisan and businessman, ARSHAD MAHMOOD lionizes the venerable profession.

For the fast-paced business individuals who live and work in the hub of world enterprise that is Hong Kong, looking the part is a crucial aspect of life. Dealing with clients, subordinates, partners, and investors requires one to project the image and energy of authority. To do this, it is important to have the right posture, demeanor, and ensemble.

From his showroom in Tsim Sha Tsui, Master Tailor Arshad Mahmood practices a noble craft passed down from generation to generation. Heir to his family’s legacy and managing director of Punjab House/ Apsley Bespoke Tailors, he is tasked with carrying on the ancestral tradition of producing garments of the finest quality.

Measure of Accomplishment

Established in 1889, Apsley Bespoke Tailors has been a renowned figure in the trade for more than a hundred years. Having done work for the British Military and Royal Navy, the company continues to serve many magnates and dignitaries. “I was taught the trade at a young age so tailoring has been in my blood. Hard work and dedication, as well as having the right people around me have got me and the company to where we are today,” says Arshad.

“Local demand has risen as people are wearing suits more often. We have noticed an increase in more traditional wear as well as an increase in bespoke suits rather than off the peg. We have purchased a larger showroom, which is one of the biggest in Hong Kong. We have employed more staff in said showroom and our factory to accommodate the growing demand, as well as increased the training given to staff to ensure standards of service and their knowledge is second to none.”

From the boardroom to the ballroom, Apsley Bespoke Tailors provides men and women with excellent, made-to-fit apparel. Adhering to the highest standards of elegance, the company’s work frequently graces the red carpet, often donned by high profile personalities.

“Our staff is fully trained – they design items for clients rather than just make suits. We have our own factory and tailors, whereas our competitors do not. We are always up to date with fashion trends. Our company boasts worldwide experience, with sponsorships in Formula One, Football, Rugby, and the Amber Lounge Fashion Show in Monaco.”


Tradition of High Quality

“I started with a 60 square foot showroom. Today, we have a 3,000 square foot showroom in Hong Kong, a 4,000 square foot showroom in London, and newly opened offices in Australia. Simply put, we operate worldwide. We are the tailors for the F1 drivers at the Amber Lounge, as well as for Sahara Force India, West Ham, Fulham FC and Saracens Rugby Club,” says Arshad.

Better service and value for money greatly distinguish Apsley Bespoke Tailors from the competition. While the industry is troubled by cheap, unlicensed faux couturiers whose poor clothing and service ruin the reputation of bespoke tailors, consistency and recognition will prevail, as it has so far. Arshad Mahmood will continue to honor his heritage, in leading some of the most outstanding tailors in the world.

For additional information please visit www.apsleytailors.com.hk