Beautiful, intricate, functional, and full of meaning, the works of ALEXANDER WONG meet no lesser standards.

In 2000, Alexander Wong was already making a name for himself in the industry, but not his own brand. A Business Development Director at another company, he became recognized for his abilities in listening, designing and realizing clients’ dreams – clients such as Esprit ex-Chairman Michael Ying, China-based luxury boat manufacturer Kingship Marine’s Chairman Roger Liang, and Hong Kong Cinema legend Jackie Chan.

“I realized I could start my own firm and create my own brand, and I never looked back,” says Alexander Wong, now an award-winning figure in the industry.

Distinctive and Distinguished

Alexander Wong Architects’ expertise lies in an area of architectural design specializing in what the firm calls ‘Architainment’ (Architecture + Entertainment). These span cinemas, themed department stores and luxury homes, all being dictated by the growth in such sectors within China for the past 15 years.

“Our related industries have grown considerably in Hong Kong as a result of the enormous growth in China. Our response is creating non-replicable original designs that are highly sophisticated and complex with many different layers. This has created a lot of response within the China Market! One needs to do something really complex and special so as not to be easily copied,” says Wong.

“We aim to create highly sophisticated and near iconic designs with themes which are interwoven with the essence of brands and branding. Branding is very much a form of mind-control and our spatial designs cater towards reinforcing the core beliefs and key essence of the brands which we are designing for.

Layers of Meaning

Alexander Wong believes in the power of narrative spatial design – having many layers of meaning embedded in the works rather than creating something simply functional or aesthetically pleasing.

“Like many modern artists – Damien Hirst, for instance – we believe that why something is considered functional or useless; beautiful or ugly; regressive or progressive is very complicated and must be carefully analyzed through the history of mind-control including the understanding of the development of our collective consciousness, all in the context of functionality, aesthetics, culture, technological & scientific advancements. Most other companies are not capable of doing such layering with great enough details or depth.”

In addition to its ongoing works across Greater China, the firm has also been commissioned for projects in the Middle East. It will likely be venturing into other emerging markets in the very near future. For his journey so far, Alexander Wong shares that he has many to thank – from the team at the firm, to its investors, clients and their contractors, as well as family, friends, and even foes. They have all played a part, in helping him to take on each new challenge.

“We face at least a hundred obstacles every day. Life is not about running away from problems but rather, facing adversities as much as one could. That’s how we grow and learn.”

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