Expertise and sincerity go hand-in-hand in addressing the specific health concerns of today’s market, says CALVIN CHAN.

CATALO has been actively safeguarding consumer’s health with quality, natural and organic health foods since its founding. “Product quality has been the primary consideration for us,” says CEO Calvin Chan. “CATALO products mostly come from the US, and they are made using ingredients extracted from concentrated natural whole foods. These include fruits, vegetables, plants, ocean fishes, and other food sourced from nature and close to our normal diet. As such, they are suitable for daily supplementation of nutrition, and will not burden the kidneys or liver.”

Faced with fierce competition from the industry, the company’s mission remains clear, and the brand’s highly positive image and quality assurance has allowed CATALO products to gain a large amount of support with discerning consumers.

Taking Initiative

“In today’s information era, market development is rapid and ever-changing. Constantly moving forward is mandatory or else we will be eliminated by the market. Only with new ideas can we lead the industry.”

For many years, CATALO has won the trust of consumers with five major competitive advantages, namely product quality, reputation and efficacy, one-stop services, comprehensive presale and after-sale services, and the desire and ability to meet the consumers’ needs. This allows the brand to excel when put together with other market players.

CATALO places high importance on its products’ functional components. They are produced using patented ingredients and production technology, and are backed with an extensive amount of scientific and clinical research. All production takes place at manufacturing facilities with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certifications and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) drug manufacturing licenses. Many additional tests are conducted at Hong Kong Government accredited laboratories, ensuring product safety and adherence to the most stringent regulatory standards and international quality control standards.

CATALO product labels clearly list information such as ingredient concentration, content, and effects, with standardized active ingredients clearly indicated on the packaging as well, “this is to ensure that consumers can fully grasp the content of the product and choose according to their needs.”

Customer Well-being

In order to promote a comprehensive experience, CATALO uses a one-stop operation model, combining research and development, production, marketing, distribution and retail into one. “Our in-store nutritionists promote quality natural health foods to consumers. Also, all of our health consultants have to attend large-scale professional development and interactive workshops on a regular basis.”

CATALO also provides a free nutritionist hotline to answer customers’ health questions and comprehensive after-sale service.

Reputation & Recognition

CATALO enjoys a high profile of recognition and support from the public. According to a recent research done by an authoritative organization, 93% of CATALO users agree that CATALO is a reliable and reputable brand in promoting and offering natural health supplements. This comes as no surprise as CATALO’s products are both natural and effective to the consumers.

CATALO has recently invited Anita Yuen, a famous superstar actress, to be the company’s first spokesperson. When asked why she agrees to be the spokesperson of CATALO, Anita replied, “it is because I am a choosy person and have a high expectation on choosing health supplements.” This aligns with how CATALO regards product and service quality as one of the most important factors.

Currently, CATALO stores and counters are situated throughout Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China, reaching consumers with greater ease. Chan reveals that more will be opening in 2016. The brand will also put in more effort in optimizing the online store to enhance user experience.

As people have different health needs in different life stages, CATALO is poised to launch more natural food supplements to meet different areas of concern, from child growth to eye care. The company is uniquely positioned to help its customers improve living quality through the most natural means.

“We will continue to build on the 16 years of our brand’s establishment and be proactive in expanding sales channels in order to further increase consumers’ brand awareness and allow more people to attain a healthier and happier life through CATALO products.”


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