Asia’s growing number of 5-star hotels and private demand hold promise for Germany-based world-leading, trendsetting spa creator KLAFS ASIA PACIFIC LTD, says its Managing Director THORSTEN BICHLER.

Thorsten Bichler, Managing Director of KLAFS ASIA PACIFIC LTD.

Challenge is not new to KLAFS Asia Pacific Ltd, says its Managing Director Thorsten Bichler, adding that challenge, creativity and innovation are the bedrocks of his brand’s success.

“Creating the ‘wow’ factor, marrying design with technology while pushing back boundaries is what we’ve built a reputation on amidst the luxury hospitality market, says Bichler.

Founded in 1928, Germany-based Klafs Group is ‘the’ multi award-winning, world market leader and trendsetter in the Wellness & Spa business.

“With a team of experts, we implement even the most exclusive and ambitious spas around the globe.

Private clients, looking for a custom-made and unique home-spa, luxury hotels, resorts, health clubs or thermal spas looking for intelligent energy-saving one-of-a-kind spa areas and treatments with unique design and healthy benefits or even cruise liners, comprise our market.”

Exclusive as You

“The growth in the Asian market has brought us to set up a presence in Hong Kong. As all our products are made in Germany we are able to offer the finest tailor-made quality which means clients enjoy the freedom to imagine instead of being constrained to merely choosing. We offer innovation in terms of design, sustainability, technology and concept – so you get a final product that is smart, sexy, sustainable and unique as you are.”

Klafs also offer customers the added advantage of content-rich consultancy due to its team of tried and tested experts in terms of architects, designer, technicians and project managers, effectively making the brand your one-stop solution and strategy partner.

“After-sales service is crucial to our business which is why we have a large, well-trained sales & service global partner network.

While we do serve the luxury commercial market, we aim to penetrate the upper-scale residential market too,” Bichler says.

What’s New?

“We offer the very latest developments for example “Klafs Microsalt” (see picture), a special add on with which you can have a salt therapy in your sauna, relaxing area or treatment room.

When you breath in, unlike conventional salt-based applications, the tiny natural rock salt particles penetrate your entire respiratory tract, from the nose to the sinuses, the throat area and on into the deepest recesses of the lungs, exerting a beneficial effect throughout. Klafs Microsalt is one of our best seller especially in parts of Asia where you will find a huge air pollution.”

Klafs now offers a new type of sauna, called S1 (see picture).

The first sauna in the world which can retract at the touch of a button – just like a zoom lens on a camera. When retracted, the S1 has a depth of just 60cm like a average wardrobe.

“So we are talking about a space-saving to fit perfectly in our modern life. The S1 is an innovation whose intelligent use of space opens the door to matchless moments of well-being. Klafs is a world leader for a very good reason. Visit us to unveil the amazing possibilities,” concludes Bichler.

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