Making Dreams Come True

Spotting the need for jewellery lovers to source their dreams, ANDRE MORKEL decided to fill the niche and supply discerning gem lovers with unbeatable value and true beauty.

Having worked with many of the largest jewellery and gemstone brands, it soon became obvious to entrepreneur Andre Morkel that customers were growing increasingly frustrated with being overcharged. In the hay days, prices were not as they are now. Rentals, staffing, design, set ups were factored into the costs of pieces of jewellery thus offering buyers increasingly less value, notes Morkel who set up and now runs Morkel & Sons – a supplier of rare and fine jewellery and gemstones to Hong Kong’s most discerning and value-conscious buyers.

“This is where we found a gap, and set up Morkel & Sons, catering to the need to serve clients with what they most desire, meet their requirements, within budgets, reason for purchase, compassion, considerations, and achievability. We set up with a large data-base, worked with a handful of regular buyers, servicing them with pieces priced at a fraction of the retail prices,” he says. 

People Power

“Finally, our name became synonymous with sourcing, crafting, reliability, honesty, trust, but more importantly… discretion. People buy people. Our business is steeped in taking care of each client’s needs with honesty and discretion and ultimately offering them pieces at a fraction of a mass-produced retail piece. We work with carefully selected and trusted dealers from all corners of the globe hence offering our clients a variety of stones that would never be available in a store. We also offer custom-made pieces with the clients’ input to create masterpieces that are unique and affordable.”

Morkel believes that a gem has a personality and will find its way to the person it was meant to be with. This is fluid, motion — the flow of the universe. It has taken years to penetrate the larger dealers. The industry is certainly not all bling-bling, it’s more bling bang if you step on the wrong toe.”

As Unique as You Are!

The current market as some now term “the death market” has not affected as much as retailers whom which is all public knowledge lost some 30-40% of market sales, Morkel notes.

“We have maintained our position and strength through inducing diamond and gem knowledge to our clients. The Hang Seng Index has affected sales everywhere and many have lost a lot of cash “paper money” by over investing.

“Those of our clients with cash now trust us more and more and thus are investing in gem quality stones e.g. fancy diamonds which are now up 350%, opposed to the market which (at the time of writing) was down nearly 600 points. Our clients are not just from the Uber wealthy class, but those wanting a return on their investments. This is where we come in.”

“We are not retail. We provide a discreet and personalized experience for each client, meeting their individual needs, sourcing quality gems that provide them with investment opportunities at a cost personal to them. Every client is unique just as every stone and design is. One must remember, our clients are much more “savvy” on pricing than one would think. We focus on what we do, source the best of the best at rack price, from rubies, sapphires, emeralds, fancy diamonds of high clarity, and we move what will yield a return for buyers and will also buy back. Our customers value our ability to source stones that are not available locally. We ship in from all regions from trusted dealers globally. We adapt, we evolve, we hang in there onto our dreams, never give in, never give out, never give up!,” concludes Morkel.

For additional information, please visit MorkelandSons

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