Hong Kong nightlife has no shortage of expensive, trendy, flashy watering holes but to bring in a concept that offers both style and quality at reasonable prices you look to BAR PACIFIC GROUP LTD.

Bar Pacific is a growing chain of Hong Kong style bars that provide an environment for those who want to interact and consume alcohol socially. Since it was established in 1999, the company has exponentially grown to over 30 branches throughout Hong Kong in residential areas, strategically targeting areas with low competition but with a potential for high customer demand.

“Initially, bar and beverage services are generally at high price and limited district options available. As Bar Pacific has gradually developed over the years, we are now known for the reasonable prices and high quality. Setting branches in different districts responses to the demand of customers and offer entertaining experiences with high accessibility,” says Eva Tse Ying Sin, General Manager of Bar Pacific Group Ltd.

Healthy Choice

“In Hong Kong, bar and beverage industry is very fragmented. However, with the growing trend of alcohol consumption, it provides an opportunity for us to capture more market shares. Through correct product placement and identifying ways to differentiate from the fragmented market, Bar Pacific presses ahead with creating an entertaining yet healthy lifestyle in Hong Kong,” Tse explains adding that Bar Pacific enjoys locational advantages by strategically targeting areas with low competition but with a potential for high customer demand.

“We viewed ourselves in competition with no one but simply contributing to be better than the company it was yesterday. The ultimate idea of us is to solve a cultural misunderstanding in bar and beverage industry. To achieve this aim, Bar Pacific promises to provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment for each of the guests. At the same time, we attach great importance to social responsibility, and actively participating in a number of public service and educational activities on the Mainland.”

Against All Odds

Recent years, Hong Kong bars are sharing the same problems of liquor license restrictions by Liquor Licensing Board. Bar Pacific responds to the restrictions by improving the quality standard and strengthening brand image.

“The main focus of our company lies in store opening and personnel development. As of 2016, there are over 1,000 bars, pubs, and other eating and drinking establishments in Hong Kong. With our 33 stores, we own only around 3% market share in the bar, which implies a great room for expansion. We expected to open stores in Hong Kong every year especially in districts where bars and entertainment do not have a large presence.”

Asked why she thinks the concept succeeded, she says, “customers can now enjoy a myriad of new entertaining experiences at reasonable prices. The concept of drinking among young people is quickly become a trend instead of personal interest. Entertainment no longer necessarily involves luxurious items but innovative ideas and products with new value capable of changing people’s lifestyle. Furthermore, one of the most essential strategies for Bar Pacific is ‘to be customer-oriented’. And for that, in seeking to meet customer needs, we actually have to exceed expectations. Finally, maintaining the sustainability by attracting and development personnel is another key to success. Accepting the ideas of young generation can ignite breakthrough and encourage innovation at your company,” Tse concludes.

For additional information, please visit www.barpacific.com.hk

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