Pragmatic design, and eye for trend and a great ‘will-do’ attitude have made am PLUS Designs a brand to partner with. Co-founders ANDREW LAM and NESTOR YEUNG share their prospects for a growing market.

Hong Kong’s vibrant interior design industry is adapting to cope with the economic slump while the market is leaning toward smaller, flexible, good designers who deliver beyond expectations. On the general product design side too, the story rings true. Branding is needed but quality at competitive pricing is the need of the hour. am Plus Designs is a young player but promises more value, cutting edge talent and a great ‘will-do’ attitude. 

Proven Formula

“We are the strongest link in local branding chain services specializing in envisaging the best space layout that unleashes its potential value in a branding maneuver,” says Yeung.

“We start with formulating a creative concept and complementing ideas built around the motif by our task team. These ideas gradually come to fruition across our services that include including interior design, logo, sign, display, IT solution and related collaterals after repeated discussions,” says Yeung.

“We attach great importance to a comprehensive strategy that offer integrity and consistency, without which no branding attempt (to increase the value of space as a band) will succeed. That said, our business is not limited to space creation, our case-oriented approach ensures that each and every aspect of our clients’ operations is considered.”

Path to Progress

“Ours is a holistic vision — combining architecture, interiors and landscape in a single environment. As a branding and design agency, we look at both the interior and exterior elements of a brand to make sure that compelling brand strategy is met with equally compelling branding excellence — from building a stellar brand promise with the potential for strong emotional connections to designing and executing logo and branding exercises, and to creating sales, advertising, packaging and point-of-sale collaterals.”

Market Reality

“The Economy of Hong Kong may turn downward, but people’s living standard won’t. We offer premium service & design for people who still treasure living in their ideal space. “Design” is another form of problem solving with creativity.”

Yeung says: “Our core value is “PLUS”, we always offer a little bit more to our client. We offer all rounded interior design service, but Andrew (Our Chief Designer & Co-Founder) who advanced his interior studies & worked in Tokyo, Japan bring to the design board, rich Japanese aesthetics. Japanese Style, detail design and natural style.”

“’Less is more’ is the trend. Although not many designers can really achieve this, and may become ‘add more to more’ during the design phase, but less is more is becoming a trend. Most of our new business comes from referrals, from satisfied clients proud to introduce our service, attitude and skills. We hope to build on this success and bring to the market the value that our strengths, imagination and attitude have to offer, concludes Yeung.

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