A single mother finds insurmountable courage to take on a multi-billion dollar international industry with nothing more than imagination, a ‘will-do’ attitude and a belief in the power of love.

Adeline Chan looks like your typical Hong Kong Chinese office-goer with the same cares and concerns of any average mum. Look again, and you see a hard-working entrepreneur who tells an engaging story. From a near hopeless state of despair, she’s built a thriving business selling exquisite jewellery from her e-store to women globally.

Her mission is to manifest the loveliness of every woman’s sensuality and aesthetic values through pieces of hand-crafted jewellery that tell a story of their own. 

Leap of Faith

Avenda Jewellery started in 2014 when the mother of one decided to live her own life and realise her dream through her passion for jewellery design and devotion to make pieces which resonate strongly with women like her – driven by passion and an unshakable belief in her own strongest convictions.

“I started out on my own because I knew that I wanted a better future for my daughter. I am her only hope so as a single mother, the choice was clear. Stay employed or take on the challenge. I had no capital, only few contacts in the industry and little knowledge of Internet-based selling. So, it was a leap of faith. I wanted my designs to express solidarity, character, value, belief, spirit and purity. Eventually, my hard work paid off and the market for my kind of honest designs began opening up. Today, we are selling briskly through my e-store and the brand is opening up new avenues of interest among mother’s groups, young female entrepreneurs, hobby circles, women’s interests groups and even young adults who want beauty at reasonable prices.”

Inspire, Always!

“Most people have problems. Life is full of setbacks especially for those who want to get ahead, achieve more and enjoy a better lifestyle. It is these people whom I hope to inspire with my story. I want to celebrate the feminine, cherish and value the concept of motherhood and foster a culture of appreciation, through my line of jewellery,” says Chan.

“The brand’s philosophy is to bring my vision of world’s magic and beauties into original jewellery, inspired by a city, its people, its culture and its history that deeply touches me and arouses my imagination.”

This vision has turned into elegant and easy to wear, modern, poetic and inspired creations. Avenda jewellery focuses on fine details, quality and craftsmanship to create the unique and right look.

But what makes also Avenda so unique, is offering my jewellery through the most modern and comfortable way to shop: Internet.

Avenda is the first jewellery brand in Hong Kong to have decided to base their development only through the Internet. Thus having no shop rental or stock costs to support ensures buyers get the best price for each creation.

In our e-boutique, each product is produced once ordered and is made with the best craftsmanship. As I believe purchasing a jewellery should only be a pleasure, with Avenda you’ve got all the advantages of purchasing online but also with all the guaranties of this modern way of shopping: easy and secure payment, free delivery and free returns.”

What Buyers Want

While Chan concedes that the world of costume jewellery is spoilt for choice, she sees a growing market for brands with a story. She should know. During 14 years, for a French International Group, she travelled the world, discovering the way people from Europe, USA or Australia like to wear jewellery, what jewellery they like, what stones they prefer. Coupled with my knowledge of Asian ladies habits.”

“Behind every design, inside every piece of jewellery, resides the spirit of my determination to succeed against all odds. I believe this is more valuable to my buyers simply because that’s what makes my jewellery more than just design, form, colour, value or feature. It makes each piece a gift of love. That’s what women really want.” concludes Chan.

For additional information, please visit www.avenda.com.hk

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