Global cleaning technology market leader is making deep inroads in Greater China, impressing professionals over a wide range of key industries says EDWARD YU, General Manager, KÄRCHER HONG KONG.

Alfred Kärcher, like Robert Bosch, Gottlieb Daimler and Graf Zeppelin, was one of the inventors and entrepreneurs that Württemberg produced in such great number since the beginning of the industrial era. With the utmost commitment, he dedicated himself to bringing his ideas to fruition. In 1924, the then 23-year-old completed his studies at the Technical University of Stuttgart and worked first of all at his father’s agency, which he developed into an engineer’s office.

In 1935 he founded his own company in Bad Cannstatt, Stuttgart so that he could produce and market his own products in the field of heating technology. Alfred Kärcher designed and built the “Kärcher salt bath furnace”, among other products, for tempering steel and light metal in industry according to his own patent.

In 1939, the family-owned company relocated to Winnenden, where it still has its headquarters. By this time the company was also producing heating devices for aircraft engines and cabin heating systems. Following the Second World War, the company turned its attention to products for urgent, everyday use: round stoves, small cookers, handcarts and trailers for tractors. 

Cleaning Tech

Alfred Kärcher made his breakthrough into the cleaning technology industry in 1950 with the development of the first European hot water high-pressure cleaner (the DS 350 steam jet). The design of the water heater proved to be so pioneering that it still forms the basis of all burners today.

Like so many, Alfred Kärcher did not live to see the global success of his innovation. When he died on 17 September 1959 at the age of 58, his wife Irene took over the management of the company and steered its fortunes for three decades. Today their children Johannes Kärcher and Susanne Zimmermann von Siefart are in charge of the family-owned company in its second generation.

“The name Kärcher is synonymous with strength, quality and innovation worldwide. And, for cleaning expertise that has been setting standards for over 80 years. As an inventor of high-pressure cleaners, Kärcher is today a world market leader and one of the driving forces behind technological developments, not only in this field. Over 10,000 employees are dedicated to research and development every day,” says Edward Yu, General Manager.

“Based on the principle that the customer comes first. Kärcher products are the result of 40 years of tank cleaning expertise. Kärcher’s expertise, in-depth technical knowledge and excellent components form the basis for providing customized and efficient solutions.

“We foster open dialogue with our customers based on partnership. Our products and services offer ideal solutions which have real benefits for customers. Our customers’ cleaning problems can be solved quickly and flexibly,” says Yu.

He adds: “Trust, loyalty, transparency, fairness, reliability and respect characterise Kärcher’s relationships with others, both inside and outside the company. Through teamwork and by actively exchanging information, we make the most of all of the experience and expertise our company has to offer in order to achieve our goals.”

“We offer cleaning systems, cleaning products and services for leisure, home, trade and industry with outstanding value for money,” says Yu.

“In these two years, we have been putting resources in promoting the unique and outstanding features of our machines and help our users. Besides our worldwide cleaning projects, we had two significant cleaning projects. A charity cleaning project for cleaning the stairway of Tian Tan Buddha was hold in in May 2016. We also cleaned Yuen Kong Kindergarten in March 2016 to offer the school kids a comfortable learning environment. These events showed our competent, professionalism and strength in the cleaning industry.

From giant aircrafts to small bikes, from the most deluxe hotels to private households, Kärcher products are widely used in numerous industries and households worldwide. With its proven quality, advanced cleaning technology, excellent performance, Kärcher is the brand you can trust,” concludes Yu.

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