Breathing Life into the Workplace

Productivity is directly proportional to workplace comfort says LIT WU and DOROTHY LEUNG, co-directors of DL INTERIORS LTD.

“At first we weren’t working together, but we used to exchange views and experience on design and work. Gradually we found that we share similar career aspiration and goal, so we decided to develop our own team as today’s “DL”. We are specially concerned about work environments and believe that a delightful workspace setting would enhance work performance and lessen pressure from work. Therefore, our business mainly targets workspace designs,” says Dorothy Leung, Co-Director of DL Interiors Ltd. 

“More local companies intend to move their business to China and set up stations there while China investors and corporates are expanding into the Hong Kong markets. We have received an increasing number of enquiries and invitations from China companies that look for offices here in Hong Kong or in China’s seaport areas. Although we are currently focusing on Hong Kong projects, we see this as a good business opportunity to broaden our exposure to this growing China market and we are ready for the upcoming challenges,” Leung says.

DL is a one-stop design & build company that specializes on commercial projects, especially office interior design. “It is important to be focused and professional. Every project we do, we start from doing sufficient research and study on our clients’ brands, styles and requirements before drafting our design. We are not only familiar with the criteria and essentials in the commercial environments but our team is also qualified and proficient in handling the corresponding regulations and standards issues,” says Lit Wu, co-director.

“As nowadays the environmental concerns become more important and urgent, we want to do our part to protect the environment and reduce the consumer waste by providing practicable solutions to our clients with using eco-friendly materials, energy-saving systems and recycling used furniture. This added-value service is always appreciated by clients because they will benefit as their operational cost will be lowered and the energy and water efficiency will be enhanced too.”

Success Secrets

“Hong Kong is a fast paced city where people with hectic schedules try to grasp every minute, especially when it comes to business. We often have to handle multiple projects simultaneously, so time management is very crucial to us. Promptness, integrity and accuracy are the key elements to shorten the lead time. As for the construction management, we strictly monitor the whole construction process to ensure things are on the right track and finish on schedule. We persist to keep our promises and assure our clients are completely satisfied with the process and end product,” says Wu.

Devoted to Work

“A solo player can hardly succeed, so great teamwork is vital to the growth of a company in the long run. We will firstly get ourselves and our people prepared well for expansion. Besides seeking collaboration opportunities with new talents in the industry, we will also continue to work at building up dynamic teams with diverse strengths and the specific characteristics of a high performance team in our team members so that they can be cohesive, perform effectively and get better results,” says Leung, adding that devotion to work is important. “We dedicate ourselves to provide the best value to our clients, our colleagues and our cooperative partners. Working wholeheartedly produces fine quality work as well as sturdy inner satisfaction.”

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