Product design and technology will grow in demand when businesses see the power in 3-D technology, says STEPHEN AU LING MING.

If seeing is believing, 3-D technology helps dreams see their products before they are built. Spotting a niche for top quality technology and personalized service Stephen Au, formed MTECH Engineering Co. Ltd and has not looked back since.

“In 1995, after working in multinational companies for promoting CAD/ CAM technology for manufacturing industry in Asia countries for many years, I decided to set up my company to help the local industry (Hong Kong and China) effectively applying the 3D technology in product design & production through the dedicated technical training and support.”

He adds: “In 2004, after we participated the Beijing Olympic Stadium construction project to train up their architect to use 3D CAD software for design, we found the slow transition to a digital practice has the construction industry underperforming in terms of productivity versus investment growth.

“As investment is growing fast, it is surprising to note that the methods and processes employed are still traditional. Our experience in the manufacturing sector can help the construction industry to transform their business process for productivity and quality improvement by applying the BIM, cloud computing and mobile technology. So we extended our business from manufacturing to construction industry.”

Filling a Niche

The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that the world will need to spend $57 trillion on infrastructure by 2030 to keep up with global GDP growth. “This is a massive incentive for us to identify solutions to transform productivity and project delivery through new technologies and improved practices,” says Au.

“Customer oriented services; innovative mind set and process re-engineering know-how from our committed and highly successful colleagues are the key differentiation. We actively create a working environment to support our staff individual development as business professionals and leaders.

The idea is to fully utilize the power of technology to make our life more easy and fun. Always go one more step beyond customer expectations. Our approach is to integrate the technology seamlessly into customer business process through our project execution consulting services.”

Market Changes

“In adapting new technology, customers need to change their working habit and business process. Through our project oriented consulting services, we embed the change management approach to guide our customer adopting the new ways of doing in their project. We establish a collaborative platform in between academy, industry and technology vendors to develop and promote the technology. We work closely with Universities & Government bodies to explore the Lean Construction approach and integrate into our consulting services and software solutions to add more value in our customer projects.”

“But new technology always has uncertainty. We need an open mind, to think positive and bravely enough to try the new things. Continuous learning, trial and execution and refinement are the three steps toward success.”

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