Established in 2003, E-Business Solutions Limited (EBSL) has grown from strength to strength in delivering a wide range of business solutions, technologies and applications for enterprises in various industries. The company has built an enviable reputation for being a leader in a variety of IoT & RFID solutions that are being used by leading organizations like the Hong Kong International Airport, Bausch + Lomb, Dah Chong Hong, Towngas, Shun Tak and other reputable companies.

Mathew Chan, CEO of EBSL.

“From day one we have focused on boosting our customers’ business results by helping them leverage disruptive technologies like IoT & RFID. Today we are one of the few IoT specialists that has a highly skilled and experienced team known for transforming the business processes of our clients and optimizing their operations to improve their overall performance & quality,” says Mathew Chan, CEO of EBSL.

According to Mathew, although the term “IoT” is no longer new, many companies still need guidance on how this technology can be applied to their operations to create value for their customers and end-users because of the complexity involved in setting up an industry-specific ecosystem for different types of businesses.

“IoT applications in itself are complicated because they can include anything from sensing/tracking devices to gateways/readers, communication networks, cloud/server infrastructure, and other industry-specific applications. Not to mention the standards & protocols governing the components of these systems are constantly changing as Hong Kong’s drive to be a smart city evolves, so many companies are longing for IoT service partners who can provide the full picture of their desired IoT application. This is where our expertise & 20 years of experience fills the gap,” says Mathew.

“We have worked with a strong network of business partners including device providers, network services providers, and cloud infrastructure providers, combined with a strong software team to make best-of-breed IoT applications that can meet the specific needs of enterprises,” he adds.

Some of EBSL’s most popular IoT projects include PropTech (property technology for facilities management), Smart Toilet, and a centralized IoT platform called Zenzi™.

“As Hong Kong’s drive to become a leading Smart City in Asia grows, digitization across all industries is inevitable. This poses a challenge for many traditional sectors who are experiencing issues like shortage of new talent, digital transformation, etc, and one such industry EBSL identified is the property management sector,” Mathew cited as an example.

“In the property management sector today apart from the issue of new talent shortage, many of their currently employed staff are above middle-aged. This is why a lot of property management companies turned to technology for a solution, and we have been deploying PropTech applications like IoT devices for monitoring and managing properties more efficiently, systems to automate tasks for maintenance & security, real-time data & alerts that help property managers make decisions proactively, and mobile apps/web portals to make managing facilities easier and convenient as they can be done with just a few taps on the smartphone,” says Mathew.

“Smart Toilet is another product that is gaining popularity in Hong Kong today so we have been implementing IoT devices to monitor the occupancy, environment, and the fill level of the toilets’ supplies. The application also features real-time signage to display the current status and availability of the washroom.

Our Zenzi™ Platform which enables IoT technologies for different applications will continue to add value to the needs of our customers through intelligent features like its customizable dashboard (for monitoring and visualizing IoT device data), real-time and historic data views (with charts, graphs & maps), and open APIs for integration with a third-party application, services and platform,” he says.

“The future will be profitable for companies who use the power of IoT and its related applications with cutting-edge precision as the digital era is here to stay and continue to digitize the way we live, work and play,” he concludes.

The Mediazone Group congratulates E-Business Solutions Limited (EBSL) for winning the Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies 2023 Award. We wish the company more success in its growth and endeavour.

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