Spotting a niche for organic personal and health care products, CEO AFREEN KHAN and Chairman PAUL NG, co-founders of Organic Vision Ltd made the dream a reality.

Parents, how great would it be to walk into your local super market or pharmacy and buy a product knowing that it would be completely safe for you and your children? Afreen relates:

“As a mother, I have always strived to give my children the best nutrition there is to offer, as well as the safest personal care products in the market. Being an avid ingredient list and nutritional facts reader, I noticed a missing gap in the beauty and personal care industry in Asia for high quality, child friendly products. Having travelled to a health expo in America in the year 2000, I started to notice a trend in producing organic products in the health industry, and decided to begin this trend here in Hong Kong,” says Afreen Khan, CEO of Organic Vision Ltd. 

“As a businesswoman, I also wanted to start a company with high integrity and values, where we always put our customers and distributors first, never compromising on product quality for profit. My husband Paul and I also wanted to create a dynamic education system to educate our consumers on the value of buying organic, as well as to empower our sales team as entrepreneurs. Thus the concept of Organic Vision was born,” Afreen explains.

“My sister Perveen Crawford, a well-known public figure and Hong Kong socialite, was very supportive of our dream and our line of products since the birth of our company. She thus joined our team in becoming a Director, helping us to promote our company publicly when she could.”

Results in 9 Days!

“Chinese people are becoming much more health conscious than ever before. This has largely been due to some severe food issues in the mainland where toxins accumulated from diet and environmental factors have started to affect people critically. We have seen a large influx of consumers from the mainland who have been desperate in their search for a cure for severe health issues. So our consumer market has definitely expanded over the borders. Our company responded by producing trilingual marketing and educational material. We have a full mandarin simplified Chinese page on our newly designed website, together with mandarin dubbed product marketing videos, as well a detailed step by step guide on how to completely transform their bodies and health using our prized product: The Full Detox Pack. In just 9 days, our customers can experience dramatic, visible results!” Afreen claims.

Safety First

“Our company has always prized it’s products as USDA certified organic. Our goal for the near future is to one day become 100% organic. We do not use any form of pesticides or chemical fertilizers in the growing process of the plants we use in our products. No forms of genetically engineered seeds or genetically modified organisms have been added to our supplements, making them safe enough even for infants and young children!

Instead of isolating, and singularly extracting individual minerals, vitamins or nutrients, we create whole food supplements made from fruit, vegetables, herbs and seawater plants: everything nature has to offer in its most nutritious and digestible form. None of its nutrients have been tampered with heat or additives. We process our supplements using a high quality spray drying technique which retains all the live enzymes, nutrients, minerals, vitamins.

We also go one step further by encasing our supplements in vegetarian capsules, allowing all vegans and vegetarians to ingest our products. Being extremely environmentally conscious, we also wanted to produce the least amount of harm on our ecosystems during the production of our products, so our consumers can purchase and use our products without worrying about animal cruelty and testing. Being a member of the Hong Kong Health Food Association (HKHFA) gives our company an added stamp of trustworthiness and credibility.” 

Perseverance Pays

“As the concept of our company started to form in 2000 and when we launched in 2001, barely anybody in Asia had ever heard of the word “organic”, let alone understand its meaning and value” says Paul Ng, the company’s chairman.

“Why should I pay double or triple the normal price for this? Many would wonder. So we faced the challenge of educating our consumers on the benefits and importance of being organic for the health of themselves and their families. Additionally, most people tend to only trust in what they see in advertisements. As a Direct Selling Company however, we faced the challenge of marketing our products through word of mouth rather than through a spokesperson or an ad. How did we overcome these challenge? One word: Perseverance. We stuck to our belief in the quality of products, and actively searched for people who shared our trust in our products, and the passion to educate others on the value of going organic. Today, all hard work and efforts have been paid off by being acknowledged and given the honour of becoming a member of the Hong Kong Direct Selling Association (HKDSA), an organization which prides itself in protecting the interests of consumers following the highest values in direct selling. ”

Never Quit!

“We have a popular saying at Organic Vision: “Winners Never Quit!” and we stick by these words. We persevere through trials and tough times, take on each obstacle and challenge as an opportunity to grow and improve ourselves as individuals and as a company. We really care about people and sincerely want to help them, whether its health wise, financially or personally. It is very sad to see people suffering from debilitating health problems, and we want to help them find an alternative, holistic way of healing themselves using the best of what nature has to offer, as well as harnessing the amazing self-healing ability of our own bodies. And of course a big part of the secret to our success is our remarkable tried and tested products that truly work! They free people of the burden of poor health and help them enjoy life more to the full.” concludes Paul.

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