Investors serious about stable growth are showing greater interest in pre-development land projects from WALTON INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD. GARY TOM presents a compelling case to make pre-development land a part of your portfolio.


The sea of get-rich-quick investment options has thrown ashore many a surfer who thought his skills might outride the tide. Those who’ve learnt from their falls are now looking to pre-development land – a secure, proven, medium to long-term investment strategy offering stable returns, according to Gary Tom, Walton’s President for Asia.

In business for almost 40 years, Walton is no stranger to investors enjoying the benefits of pre-development land. For the as-yet uninitiated, pre-development land is simply this – buying strategically located land in the path of growth of future development. By following strong growth fundamentals and a thorough due diligence process to mitigate risk throughout, it is then possible to work collaboratively with the local authorities to have those lands planned and entitled for future development.

Thereon begins the process of designing a master-planned community, and planning the land to its best and highest potential use. In its raw form, land is considerably cheaper when compared to that which is fully rezoned for development.

Herein lies the opportunity that Walton brings to investors with the appetite, patience and investment knowledge.  

“Investors are pragmatic and buying today can provide a solid foundation for the future.” – Gary Tom, President of WALTON INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD.

Why it Makes Sense       

Every house, building or store today stands on what was once raw land, says Tom. “Our model is based on bringing the early stage of the real estate development cycle to investors, in other words letting investors cash in on relatively low cost, undeveloped land with significant growth potential.”

“Hong Kong’s retail and institutional investors don’t need much educating because the whole local economy is a property-based one. Investors here know the value of real, tangible, hard assets.”

“Investors know that land supply is an increasingly scarce commodity and the demand for it will increase as populations grow. They understand that unentitled, raw land has limited use and developable land a higher use, thereby pushing up its value. This is where Walton’s expertise makes a difference,” says Tom.

He explains, “The average investor has neither the time, expertise nor resources to target land in the path of growth. Walton does. These kind of investments are rewarding in the long run – secure, stable and tangible and once investors reap the rewards, word spreads. That’s how Walton has grown over 26 years in Asia.”

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Why the USA?  

Originally, a strong advocate of the Canadian market, why did Walton shift focus to America? Tom says, it’s a question of growth potential and returns. “America’s economy is strong, with strong fundamentals such as population, job growth and new home construction. Additionally, there are well adhered-to checks and balances so when you hold title, you have rights and your ownership is secured. That’s our business – to protect our customers’ investments,” says Tom.

Why Walton, then?    

While there are no guarantees to any investment returns, Walton does the hard and costly work of researching raw land to mitigate risk, protecting investor’s interests through the entitlement process and also acts as the investor’s agent to market the property for exit.

“We sell these projects for our retail investors with returns projected in the range of 10-12 percent per annum. Our Asia market has been growing steadily over the last decade and much of our sales happen via word-of-mouth. Most investors realize that pre-development land is a must-have, however small, component in every portfolio.”

He says, investors are keen to participate because prices of land should appreciate, particularly raw land earmarked for future development.

“Investors are pragmatic and buying today can provide a solid foundation for the future. This is why Walton has enjoyed so much success in Asia. I would recommend you visit our website and contact us or your Wealth Manager and start building a portfolio with Walton today. Smart investors think for themselves.” Tom concludes.

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