Intuition, talent and courage led SUZANNE WONG to found ATTITUDE ASIA INTERIORS, a custom-built service for the truly discerning.

Suzanne Wong, Founder of ATTITUDE Asia Interiors.

Hong Kong’s obsession with luxury is fertile ground for any well equipped, resourceful interior designer to set up a competitive service and flourish. That’s exactly what Suzanne Wong did and created an iconic brand of service that has raised the bar.

“Our design philosophy has been and will always be about timelessness, elegance and sophistication. To make all our projects stand the test of time is the soul element of our design”, says Wong, adding that “luxury lifestyle experience is what we proudly offer our clients.”

“Over the years, we have seen the market of luxury lifestyle expand as the world has entered the age of appreciating elegance and craftsmanship. People are well travelled today, and the bar of their expectations is raised hence the growth of the luxury design sector.”

Efficient Project Management  

“Delivering design results exactly as we envisioned is the greatest success and what we passionately promise clients. While providing elegant interior design service, Attitude Asia Interiors also serves as Chief Design Consultant that renders efficient design management and professionalism,  in practice connecting all consultants in various disciplines. By aligning all consultants/designers under the same core direction, design results are better executed and this is what our clients find extraordinary about our service,” Wong explains.

“Our biggest competition is the next project to come as outdoing ourselves in every project is our goal and also a real big challenge.” – Suzanne Wong

Building on Success

“Taking the position of a boutique design firm, our priority is and always will be the design results of every project. Clients satisfaction is the best form of marketing” says Wong.

“As for growth in other region, being globally competitive is an advantage and will constantly keep us on top of our game. We have been recognised by reputable design awards in London and Hong Kong. Entering our projects in international competitions/awards give us good parameters of our artistic standing which motivate and help refresh our creativity,” she says.

“It has been our practice to consider current situations of construction cost in our design. While the inevitable changes in cost of labour and material have not affected us significantly, we do have strong knowhow to provide Value Engineering Service for our clients when needed. We focus on delivering consistent quality design service amidst fluctuations in construction industry. As a boutique designer we enrich our creativity by taking global inspiration. Our biggest competition is the next project to come as outdoing ourselves in every project is our goal and also a real big challenge.”

New Tech-Touch

“As the technology advances, lifestyle is also changing along with the flow. As designers, we must also cope with the newest trends in the industry. As much as possible, we are incorporating new design technology that can help lives become convenient and efficient. One perfect example is Home Automation where you can control almost all home appliances into your smart phone. We are incorporating this technology into almost all of our projects.”

“A recent example project is the 8 Bute Street located in Kowloon, Hong Kong. This is an A&A project turning the existing industrial building into a luxury commercial building. It has been a fun ride working on the concept of this project thanks to our client’s open-mindedness.”

According to Wong, the design inspiration is taken from the 1920s art deco buildings from London.

“With our sleek and contemporary interpretation, 8 Bute Street will stand the test of time resonating with the international metropolitan status of Hong Kong. The expected completion date is the second quarter of 2020. We have been commissioned to provide the Facade design and Interior design for all areas. As the Chief Design Consultant of the project, all consultants have been working closely together toward the core design direction under our steering. Our client has received the design results with utmost satisfaction. With construction yet to be completed on this project, the same client confirmed a new commission. This to us is proof of complete client satisfaction and wholehearted appreciation.”

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