Given more room to play, RICHY NG creates some of the most coveted residential designs in the city.

Space is a precious commodity in Hong Kong. Each square foot has an inherent value, which can appreciate largely through proper investment and development. The rich interior design business has made many contributions in this respect, for both private and commercial spaces, each project raising the territory’s collective price tag. Lauded in the industry, Box Design’s signature work has captured the fancy of many, while catering only to an exclusive few.

Established in 1998 by noted Design Director Richy Ng, its initial motives were mostly exploratory in nature. The firm has since won numerous awards with its visionary creations. “I formed Box Design to allow myself to express my own design languages, and explore new thinking and theories. This could only be done if I was not working for another company. I could use the projects to thrust forward my ideas, and further my work methods,” says Ng.

Filling the Vastness

“We work on a lot of very highend residential projects. Last year, the enforcement of new special duties has somewhat reduced the market turnover of these properties, and heated up competition for available jobs in the market. Nevertheless we see it as an expanding industry, but lately expanding at a slower rate.”

With conditions surrounding the company’s chosen niche having shifted, Ng has stepped up its promotional efforts. “We now put more effort into marketing our company in various leisure and design magazines. More of our projects have featured in the design columns of SCMP and other local news publications.”

Box Design enjoys more elbowroom than many other industry players do. Given much space to work with, delivering on a higher level is crucial. “We pride ourselves on our distinctive services and the small details we provide clients. We work with them hand in hand to develop exactly what they want in terms of design needs and aesthetics and build up a fruitful synergy. In the high-end residential market, an exact, tailor-made design within the given time while making optimal use of the budget is what we are striving for.”

Higher Stakes

The upscale price point is a world of greater expectations. Ng knows that his value offering must be worth every dollar, entailing better, more comprehensive, personalized services. That Box Design reaches out and extends itself must reflect into each project, all of which present unique and recurring challenges.

“Sometimes we are swamped by projects but limited in manpower. Finding and maintaining talent is a very serious issue, as is having a good, reliable contractor. Another difficulty is trying to maintain the original direction of a project while a brief changes midway. Building up a good project portfolio and client reference has been a real uphill struggle, but now that we have been around for over 15 years this is more of a routine. And of course, we must keep pushing our already high standards to an even higher level.”

While it also takes part in creating many office and shop spaces, Box Design plans to concentrate on larger residential projects, to pool resources with a view to expand on this particular segment. The company also aims to open an office in Singapore to cater to a wider market. Patient, persistent hard work has given Richy Ng’s company much success, not discounting splendid designs transcending expectations.


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