The story of rapidly growing skincare brand JANECLARE is a quintessential Hong Kong tale of a battle against all odds. The dream of founder ANGELA LEE – a dream that every woman shares – is becoming a reality. The elixir of youth is here and now!

In many ways, the unassuming founder of JaneClare typifies the local female entrepreneur. She works hard for her money, thinks prudently and her joy comes from helping others. Women like her usually see their dreams from concept to fruition, regardless of hurdles. They are driven, focused and pragmatic.

Hong Kong will soon add yet another chapter to its history of entrepreneurship with the success of JaneClare – a skincare brand that’s rapidly winning friends and influencing people. 

Full Speed Ahead

What matters most is that women have non-invasive, non-reactive skincare solutions that won’t hurt them in the long run, says Angela Lee, founder of JaneClare.

Welcome news to a billion-dollar Greater-China-wide, skincare market where labels matter more than what’s written on them.

Women have been known to develop serious irreversible health issues as a result of trusting well-known skincare brands that make you beautiful for a price at the risk of compromising your health.

“No woman wants to pay such a high price for beauty, which is why I decided to create an all-natural skincare brand that you can trust to do its job without causing harm now or ever,” says Lee.

The first company of the JaneClare group was set up in 2003. Its first product was the first version of the Reborn Power Cream, which is one of the brand’s hero products. It has been clinically proven to reduce on average 78% of a user’s wrinkles after 4 weeks of continuous use. For instance, during the clinical trial, one user’s wrinkle count dropped from 140 to 40 after using the cream two times a day for 4 weeks. In addition to this cream, the company’s Blueberry Revital Firming Mask was also among the first products sold and was highly acclaimed for its efficacy.

Lee says: “From Day One we have declared our commitment to using natural ingredients as far as practicable. Since three years ago, we have developed our own proprietary preservation system, which controls a sufficiently wide spectrum of bacteria, fungus and germs using 100% natural ingredients. This system allows our products to be kept good for use for at least three years. The system comprises a cocktail of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs as well as other herbal extracts designed for individual formulations.”

No Synthetics, Please

“From a recent survey of the industry and reports of the Hong Kong and Taiwan consumer councils, we realized that apart from some certified organic products which often are limited in efficacy, the products of all the well-known brands and giant skincare groups apparently contain at least one or more of the synthetic preservatives which have been proven to be carcinogenic, allergenic, and disturbing to human hormones causing infertility, fetal deformities, eczema, etc. This situation may apply to those products that claim to be ‘all natural’, ‘paraben free’, ‘organic’, etc.

“We suspect that this is because the use of synthetic preservatives can prolong shelf life and thus is a big cost consideration of the suppliers. However, even with those products that contain only 1% or less synthetic preservatives and claim to be natural, consumers should be aware that synthetic ingredients are more difficult to be dissolved and expelled by the human body, and hence could still build up inside the body to a dangerous level over time.”

“There was a BBC report published 5 years ago which revealed that the cancer tumor of 100% of the breast cancer patients of a random group studied in the UK all contained parabens, one of the most popular synthetic preservatives. As a result, parabens have been prohibited for use in the EU for skincare products since 2014. Unfortunately, parabens are still found in many of the most popular skincare brands sold in Hong Kong and China.”

Days Ahead

“We have spent a huge amount of resources in product development as well as the manufacturing process over the past 12 years. We are now building our distribution networks not only in Hong Kong, but also in China, the US, Taiwan and some of the South East Asian countries. In doing so, we are partnering with different parties who are strong in marketing and/or possess distribution channels. In addition to the JaneClare brand, we also distribute products under other brands to cater to the different target customers and special sales channels. For instance, one of our overseas distributors, which is a spa chain, requested us to use a different brand as they sell our products to their customers at double our existing price at Watson’s.

“Skin penetration is one of our key strengths and we have proven capability not only in more efficacious moisturizing and nourishing functions but also in helping reduce fat on the face and the body through simple topical application. Moreover, we realize that many people suffer from allergic skin conditions, eczema and other skin problems. We therefore intend to develop more products with different healing effects, for instance, Beta Glucan ( which has been the primary treatment for cancer in most of Asia for the past 40+ years.”

Caring Technology

“It appears to us that many Asian women demand quick fixes and assume that surgery would deliver their desired results. In the same vein, they accept intrusive treatments from “scientific” equipment as being conducive to turning the clock back.

“On the other hand, from my 40 years’ experience since 20 in personal care and beauty treatments, I firmly believe that skincare products should be good food for the skin delivered with effective skin penetration technology. This is the only sustainable way to achieve beauty that could last. JaneClare products follow this approach. JaneClare facial treatments also adopt the traditional Chinese philosophy of clearing blockages of the blood and oxygen paths or meridians in the body as most conducive to promoting skin health and beauty. These approaches not only produce effective and relatively quick results but the results are also sustainable.”

“I want JaneClare to be a safe, effective solution that everyone can use and rest in the knowledge that it comes from someone who uses these very same products herself. I stand by my brand and am confident my customers will too,” concludes Lee.

The Mediazone Group congratulates Ms. Lee and her team for winning the HKMVC Services Awards and wishes them continued success.

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