MBL’s mission includes sourcing quality wine globally, building professionallydesigned wine cellars, forming wine clubs and stores for wine lovers to share the enjoyment, says its Director ANGEL LEE.

No function of business or leisure is complete without a selection of fine wine. In Hong Kong, Angel Lee heads one of the elite importers and purveyors of the best the world has to offer.

MBL Wine Group Limited (MBL) was established in 2009 after and because of a revocation of all kinds of wine import duty in the region, at the time. Since, MBL has been expanding its distribution network continuously, to now having over 80 branch shops, clubs and distribution points in China Region, in areas including Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian Province, Guangdong Province, Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Hunan, Jiangxi Province, Guangxi and Yunnan Province, among others.

MBL sources quality wine globally, builds professionally designed wine cellars, forms wine clubs and stores for wine lovers to share the enjoyment.

With a professional team of rich and solid experience in wine, MBL introduces foreign, locally-known wineries into the Asia-Pacific, and meticulously selected wine from all over the world are constantly imported in original bottles.

For All Seasons

MBL’s wine cellar is one among the certified companies in Hong Kong with qualified storage facilities for fine wine. The Wine Storage Management Systems (WSMS) Certification Scheme is a comprehensive suite of certifications designed specifically to assist businesses in the wine supply chain to take systematic and effective action to protect against wine deterioration.

Care is crucial; the system’s imperative is to identify, measure, and reduce risks that might lead to undesirable effects on the product. Strict industry standards must be met for the highly discerning market.

Beside the retail service, MBL also provide other services such as wedding pairing service, wine storage, corporate events, wine lists design, staffs’ wine knowledge training, wine list renewal, poster design and gift packaging.

“MBL specializes in the event management service for our corporate clients. We provide wine pairing, training and tasting according to the theme of the events. We have our fair share of market recognition within the luxury products industry in Hong Kong,” says Lee.

“Today, we place our focus on the brand building and expanding in Hong Kong through involvement with more public events, charity functions, sponsorships, etc. We think big and are constantly on the lookout for new market opportunities,” Lee says.

For additional information please visit www.mbl.hk