If successful business are born from brave ideas, then WAY CHANG, creator and DIRECTOR of LXN COLLECTION is poised to change the executive’s wardrobe permanently.

Stain-free clothes are a dream come true thanks to the will and vision of Way Chang, director of LXN Collection. A timely turn for the executives apparel industry if only because the street-smart market trend is increasingly leaning toward smart choices, value offerings and convenience! And what could be more convenient that having wine or coffee spill right off your shirt, than soak in and ruin your work-day? Also, sweat-marks and other tell-tale stains can be embarrassing at that important meeting where ‘clothes maketh a man’ rings true.

No Sweat!

“I got the business idea when I was working at an investment bank on the trading floor. Since I was the most junior guy on my trading desk, I was asked to do lunch run every day for 8-12 traders. Hong Kong’s heat and humidity, often made me sweat through my undershirt to my outside dress shirt leaving awkward sweat marks on my dress shirt. I really hoped to find a solution to this embarrassment and pondered the possibility of dress shirts that could hide my embarrassing sweat marks. After months of searching and researching, I was able to find a fabric that not only prevent sweat marks from appearing, but also has the function of stain resistance. Developed in Europe after years of research, the 100% cotton fabric’s advanced functions do not compromise comfort and quality while still having a silky feel to it. Last May, we launched our first retail shop in Causeway Bay and we will be launching our second shop in Central. Our vision for LXN Collection is to be the first brand in Asia to offer a collection of functional business attire. We currently offer premium quality dress shirts and soon functional pants and polo tops as well.”

Smart Fabric

“We’ve noticed that fabric is advancing just as well as electronics, but most of the fabric advancement is on the sportswear side. We don’t see a clear player in the business attire space that carry any real functional fabric other than wrinkle free. We hope to be a leader in smart fabric, and bring functional products that can be real solutions to our customers.

What of the design element? “Our products are not the fanciest or latest fashionable items out there, but we do offer very clean and classic designs that most of our customers look for in a dress shirt.

Against all Odds

“Retail space is very saturated. We have to compete with local and international brands and also tailor shops. The biggest difficulty for LXN is that we are the first brand in Asia to use such advanced fabric technology. We spend a lot of time and effort into educating our customers on how our 100% cotton fabric is different from traditional coating in which the fabric’s stain resistant function comes from spraying the fabric with a layer of substance while our fabric’s function comes from the use of nanotechnology. Another difficulty for our business was finding quality factories in Hong Kong to work with. At the beginning, we were focusing on being cost –effective rather than giving the best to our customers and that really hurt our product quality.”

“We will launch our second shop in Central, Hong Kong, this April. By midMay, we expect to have our third outlet location in Kowloon, Hong Kong. We also have a few interested tailors from China and Singapore that want to carry our revolutionary stain-resistant fabric in their shops. We are revamping our current website to enhance our customers’ online shopping experience. We will also expand our product lines to bespoke suits and polos. LXN will partner with Bettie Bespoke Homme to launch a collection of designer bespoke suits. The suits collection are designed by Bettie Jiang who spent years as a designer in Europe working for both Alexander McQueen and Giles Deacon Fashion studios in London. Her designs are complemented with a hint of both Eastern and Western cultures.”

“I believe it is very crucial to have strong chemistry with all the factories that we work with. Our partnering factories in Hong Kong and Indonesia are the reason why our customers like our fit and all the customization we can offer to them. Cheers,” concludes Chang.

For additional information please visit www.lxncollection.com

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