Today, design of restaurant and bars in Hong Kong needs to reach beyond aesthetics. Smart owners need solid, proven, experienced design consultancy that delivers more than promises, says SANDY LI and VINCENT LEE of MAPLE DESIGN.

Starting a restaurant or bar in a saturated market like Hong Kong needs more than just money, unless you’re doing it to lose some. What’s needed is more than a decade of crafting hospitality concepts in form, feature, colour and technology and few designers bring that better to the table than Sandy Li and Vincent Lee of Maple Design Consultant Engineering Ltd.

Beyond Design

Honesty is design is much sought-after if only because Hong Kong’s vibrant food and beverage industry is a dazzling kaleidoscope of hyperactivity competing for the same small market. New outlets have to outlast trends, reduce costs of operations, offer more versatility and be ready to adapt to changing economies and yes – strong design consultancy can help with all of these, according to Li.

Maple Design is the company you want when you’re looking for one-stop shop from pre-lease to pre-opening. License application is a complicated, time consuming process. “Our license consultant will provide guidance so you can easily deal with all departments involved,” says Lee adding that this is one of the company’s must appreciated service.”

“The challenge facing the F&B industry in Hong Kong is how to position brands intelligently enough to adapt to market forces, industry trends and changing consumer tastes and our job is to offer quality advice to help them meet these goals.”

Transparency of service and a wealth of resources is what you get when you team up with Maple Design, says Li. “We believe in taking time to agree on the best possible road map and then in making it simple for our client to follow our progress every step of the way. There are no hidden costs when you deal with us and we choose the most pragmatic method so there are no surprises. Often our customers are surprised at the value we bring to their plans and vision. Our experience is rich with setbacks, which we’ve learnt from and today share this invaluable experience with our clients.

Truth in Service

According to Lee, Hong Kong is a unique market especially on account of the space restrictions and not getting it right first time can be a very costly experience. “This is why we are well-regarded and often referred by our satisfied customers – because we help our customers get it right first time and we deliver beyond expectations.”

“We are fortunate to have been awarded the Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Services Award in recognition of the quality of service we offer our market and by extension, the impact our work has on the territory’s growing F&B industry. Of course, we intend to continue to build on our reputation and offer more value to our customers in the hope of growing our referral business and bringing more success to this key industry that has such a major impact on our lifestyle and economy,” concludes Li.

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