IVAN LI NGAI KEUNG, Founder of MORNING EXPRESS & LOGISTICS LTD speaks on the market forces reshaping the future of the industry.

As the first company to introduce the digital locker self-pick up service concept in Hong Kong, Morning Express & Logistics Ltd, founded by entrepreneur Ivan Li Ngai Keung is a credit to the industry’s ability to innovate. 

“Competitive businesses need cost-competitive, reliable delivery services and that was my intention at the start – to offer the customer what no other company can. The market immediately responded to our three key promises. We offered a money-back guarantee (100% refund for any delayed order), total flexibility (1-4 hours special express service) & maximum coverage (accept any complicated outdoor job),” says Li, adding that the emphasis is not purely on price but rather on quality of service.

People Power

“Attracting talent is vital to our industry and how we treat our people is how we keep them. While providing mentoring, daily complimentary meals and regular social gatherings, we inspire, nurture and mentor our people with a view to providing our customer with the quality of service they demand.

The trick is to balance, the three Cs – Co-worker’s, Clients and Company, says Li.

Staff training is important and understanding the occupational difficulties is vital. Educating the market is just as crucial so customers understand that nature of our tasks and the sometimes unavoidable issues we have to grapple with. Tracking is also essential so customers have an idea where exactly their package is.”

Growth in China

“Pragmatic expansion is the way forward but to expand we need all the related factors to be in place. Expansion into the China market is inevitable and we are expecting for more global business opportunities with our new investment partner, Singapore Post. The path ahead though has to be tread with caution as this is an industry that is very people-centric.”

The first 10 years of our operations, were basically a period for waiting and watching for more clarity before entering the China market. Eventually, we were able to see distinct economic and industry-wide changes since 2008 and that’s when we began entering China. So far, our operations there have thrived and we look forward to growing steadily on E-commerce in Hong Kong, mainland, and globally.

Balancing Act

Morning Express emphasizes on maintaining balance between: staff, clients and the company,” Li says. “We are constantly fostering long term relationships between these three. We have over 40% of clients and staff that have been with us for more than 10 years, which obviously proves how well we balance.”

“The HKMVC Services Award is a fitting tribute to our hard work, dedication, customer care and attention to detail. The Award will go a long way to show our people that they are being recognized for adding value to our customer-base as well. We will continue to remain humble and serve from the heart. We wish to thank all our customers and business partners and our valued staff for helping us achieve this notable recognition,” concludes Li.

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