Installing TV monitors on public transport created a value-based win-win for advertisers and viewers-on-the-go. The concept offers precision consumer targeting with a difference, say founders JOE LIU & JOSEPH CHAN.

“A few years back when the media environment of Macau was mainly dominated by traditional media such as newspaper and TV station, we realized there were demands for advertising medium with higher penetration and tremendous opportunity was present if we could develop a new medium that could reach a large audience. So, we came up with an idea to set up MOME and installed tv monitors on public transport, which was the first ever ‘movement’ in Macau, says Joe Liu, co-founder of MOME. 

Innovative Solutions

Joe Liu & Joseph Chan, founders of MOME.

According to co-founder Joseph Chan, the media market is more reliant on digital means nowadays, and “that triggered us to develop MOMEplay, the first O2O2O platform in Macau. We make use of our existing mobile media platform MOME TV to draw the crowds to our online Wechat platform, which is a hub of creative games and prizes. Marketing objectives such as enhancing brand image, boosting sales can be achieved via participation of the targets.”

“We specialize in creating result-driven innovative solutions that help brands to engage with their target audience by leveraging our visual media platforms, managing media placements and creating online to offline interactive campaigns. We are dedicated to provide the best solutions in our clients’ interests and pursue the best results for them. Their satisfaction is our priority.”


“We are not only a media company, we are aiming to providing one-stop comprehensive media & marketing solutions to our clients. Moreover, we offer a more price competitive choice to them to optimizing their return on investment and streamlining their marketing efforts. All our campaigns are result driven and our past campaigns have proven we are capable to providing the best value solutions that can comply with their needs,” Liu says.

He adds: “We are still a younger company and we know we have rooms for improvement. We will keep learning from the past experiences and improving our services and products in order to build up more trust from our clients. At the same time we are keen to work with other media and marketing parties to provide an all-round marketing solution to international and Hong Kong clients.”

Paving the Path

“We are working to further develop on digital platform and expand our existing business model to other Asian countries nearby, especially at where tourism is vibrant. We are confident that with previous experiences of working with local and international corporations, we would be able to hold a place in the market,” says Liu.

“The challenge will be to be consistent and quick to spot trends. As a proactive company, we will continue to build on this pioneering achievement and create more lasting value for our customers. This is how we build on referral business and lead the industry where it comes to providing the market with targeted advertising and total publicity solutions,” concludes Chan.

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