Billions in terms of life and property are being safeguarded thanks to cutting-edge biometric technology from SOLUTION EXPERT says its Senior Manager, JAZZY WONG.

Commercial biometrics-based security used to be the sole preserve of multinationals. That’s changed. Thanks to award-winning Solution Expert, today not just hospitals, airports and large-scale businesses can protect lives an property using technology, but also the small offices and residential complexes, says Jazzy Wong, Senior Manager, Solution Expert. 

Guarding Profit, Curbing Loss

“The uses for biometric-based technology in surveillance is proving to be a vital tool for small or large scale businesses needing to quantify working hours of part-time or shift personnel,” says Wong.

Time attendance and access control is growing in importance as employers are seeing these as necessary business tools and not merely security devices, Wong explains.

The company was formed in 1999 from a background of software programming and later went on to producing full systems now sold to systems integrators for installation and implementation covering but not restricted to fingerprint, finger vein, 2D/3D face-recognition, IP surveillance systems, most of which are widely used in the Hong Kong, China and Macau.

The company grown to be one of the best sellers for biometric and security products to provide a one-stop solution for many corporate clients.

“The market is very competitive but the quality of our customer service, technology, implementation and aftersales service has carved an enviable niche for our company thus growing our market share beyond expectations.”

New Markets

The company’s approach toward tailor-made solutions has opened up sectors like residential, SMEs and public sector now enjoying access to smaller, better and more cost-effective solutions, Wong says.

“The hallmark of our company is to strive for total client satisfaction in providing one-stop complete integrated hardware and software solutions for all medium sized to large business clients,” says Wong.

“Our mission is to expand the concept including design, proposal, consultation and implementation. We categorize the elements of customer value as operational excellence, customer flexibility, and technical leadership,” explains Wong.

“Our client relationship continues after completion of the project. Our aim is to earn a loyal client-patronage through our continual efforts to provide high quality, cost-effective products and services, as well as maintaining a high level of responsibility by endorsing continual advancement in knowledge-based technology.”

Potential Markets

With growing competition, increasing need for economies of scale and faster personnel turnover, the need for smart, user-friendly security solutions is increasing while systems themselves are getting smarter, Internet-based and cheaper. The challenge is to educate the market as fast and as qualitatively as possible observes Wong.

“As a company we bring the best in terms of hardware, software and training to our customers and partners but yes, more awareness is a must if we are to boost our brand’s dominance in the market. We are currently growing thanks to referrals from satisfied customers. We are happy to be recognized for our accomplishments in our industry and will continue to work harder to keep our people and businesses in Hong Kong strong and safe with our customized solutions,” concludes Wong.

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