TOMMY CHAN, CEO leads WAN KING ON INVESTIGATIONS to serve Asia’s most discerning market. He speaks on the changing shape of an evolving industry and a market with great expectations.

Hong Kong has not shortage of investigation sleuths but few are reputed enough to cater to a personal and corporate market, effectively. Spotting this niche Tommy Chan, CEO of Wan King On Investigations set up his base in Hong Kong to provide the market with a distinct level of service that’s a hard act to follow.

“As the economy slides, the market for cutting edge investigation services picks up and that’s when service providers can showcase their strengths,” says Chan, hinting about the possibility of a slower economy in 2016-17.

“Our clientele has been grown from mainly individual focus during the launch of business to nowadays WKO covers to provide services for both individual and business clients. Our investigation coverage also expanded to international coverage recently,” says Chan, speaking of the growth of WKO and its growing prospects vis-à-vis his markets.

Small & Effective

What differentiates WKO from other industry participants, is our strong networking ability and our ability to provide all-in-one services to our clients, i.e. investigations, solutions, psychology advice and legal advice. Thanks to the Internet, we are able to set up an Internet-based social network in order to communicate with clients more effectively. As a result, much business comes from this channel nowadays,” says Chan.

“Today, clients want speedy, accurate and confidential solutions that are also cost-competitive. We are able to provide these because we are smaller, more agile and experienced enough to cater to complex matters that require quick, smart solutions.”

Built to Serve

“The world has changes and while the majority of us still like to see the good in people, there are times when doubt creeps in. But, suspicions alone are not sufficient to take action and hard proof is required. This is where a detective agency and private investigators can play a vital role, by obtaining concrete evidence and removing any element of doubt,” says Chan.

“Our intelligence section is formed with a Computing and Electronics Master Degree Talent from the UK. They offer a comprehensive range of private eye services designed to meet the needs of each individual client,” Chan explains.

“As a well-established detective agency, we offer an unrivalled level of professionalism to ensure that all of the private investigations we carry out are conducted effectively and discreetly in order to reach a rapid result.

With the help from the legal advice experts, we can ensure a thorough, swift and competent investigation is conducted.”

Meeting Your Needs

“Whether you are looking for a parent or loved one or need to trace a debtor or a former partner who has ‘disappeared’, we can assign a specialist private eye to your case to trace individuals quickly. Our private detectives are also experts in uncovering matrimonial infidelity.”

WKO investigations also include background checks and vetting staffs and associates, carrying out surveillance on employees in cases of excessive absenteeism, or claimants in insurance or benefit cases, property verification and mystery shopping, through corporate intelligence, asset and debt recovery, tracing people nationally and overseas, to sweeping and debugging and counter intelligence, conducted by the specialist’s team of private investigators.”

A Clear Choice

“Our service charge is distinct and competitive; all the branches provide 24 hours free consultations and cases analysis, each assignment that we are consulted upon is individually and professionally assessed by our investigators, whose aim to provide clients with bespoke, case-centric advice and recommendations, together with open and honest estimations of time-scales and likely costing.”

“In line with our policy of fairness and professionalism in all that we do, the advice that our investigators offer will be based solely on the correct assessment of all the relevant information available, and will focus on the likelihood of achieving any stated case objectives,” concludes Chan.

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