Personal and corporate fraud is increasingly widespread in Hong Kong leaving a niche for fast, effective and legal investigation services, says CHAN CHEUK HO.

WKO has been servicing the industry for long and is one of the largest private investigation agencies in Hong Kong. 

With much experience and goodwill accumulated in the course of solving several cases WKO resolved numerous cases locally as well as overseas to perfection, says Chan Cheuk Ho, the firm’s CEO.

Cheuk is an avid industry observer and has seen market trends, industry-wide developments and spotted a niche for his brand of sleuth services.   

Steady Growth

“Business consultancy service is considered as one of the core servicing area of the WKO group,” he says, adding “we provide wide range of business consultancy services including workplace injury claims, employee performance investigations, analysis and background checks on business partners or competitors.” 

“Some of the members from our investigation team are qualified in law enforcement training. WKO is frequently invited for interviews by various universities, newspapers and media partners with requests to share views, skills and prospects for this vibrant and growing industry. WKO is highly recommended by media and also recognized by our legal partners.” 

“We at WKO believe that our ‘all-in-one’ services provided by the team would fulfil requirements of clients across all dimensions.”Chan Cheuk Ho, CEO.

Quality Out-reach

Being the leading investigation agency in Hong Kong, WKO provides the best quality of services to clients in order to maintain long-term relationships and help them grow in the long term says Cheuk.

“Running business in Hong Kong means one always need to cope with the trends, which is why we at WKO believe that our ‘all-in-one’ services provided by the team would fulfil requirements of clients across all dimensions.”

“Our strength in networking allow us to be able to provide all-in-one services to clients, meaning—Investigations → solutions → psychological advice → legal advice. This approach has found favour in local and overseas markets, which is why we have built connecting points in the Greater China region in the past few years. This has boosted our client coverage from the mainland significantly.”

“The strategy on “all-in-one” services that we provide to clients would maintain our market share and we will further modify our services based on this foundation to maintain our company’s market standing and out-reach.”

Building on Reputation

Being a small, closely knit business community, Hong Kong’s business world is reputation-conscious and Cheuk knows the value of word-of-mouth advertising.

“We take on jobs that we can complete professionally and exceed the expectations of the client. We know there is a quality, premium market for investigative services which we can cater too because we are small, agile, invisible and fast, not to mention cost-effective. We are reputation conscious and try harder, which is why WKO has grown on referrals. 

“We are well connected and achieve our customer’s goals with precision so most local and foreign companies pick us if they want their jobs done professionally. At WKO we take our business personally.”

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